160cc vs 190cc Lawn Mower Engine – Which one to Buy?

A Lawn Mower is an essential tool in gardening; it helps to get grass in shape on your Lawn. There are different types of lawn-mower available in the market.

Gas-powered lawn-mowers have more power than other types of Lawn Mowers.

There are different options of Lawn Mower Engine for you like 140cc, 160cc, and 190cc engines. The 140cc engine Lawn Mowers are used for light-work in a small lawn.

If you have a bigger lawn with rough terrain, you will need more power, and that’s where the 160cc and 190cc engines come in. Now, it is an essential question that which one of them is better?

In this article, you will see what “cc” means in a law-mower engine and a comparison between the 160cc Engine and 190cc Engine so you can get the right one for you. Also, see some other factors that affect the power of the Engine.

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What Does “CC” mean in Lawn Mower Engine?

Lawn Mower Engine

In Lawn Mower Engine, “cc” stands for cubic centimeters. It is a measurement for the swept volume of pistons in a cylinder inside an Engine. It measures the volume or capacity of the cylinder when the piston is at the bottom of the cylinder.

The swept volume is called Engine Displacement. It is a vital measurement as it affects the horsepower and torque of the Engine. The More “cc” an engine has, more power it will produce.

It is not the only factor that affects power; there are some other important factors that we will talk about later in the article.

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160cc vs. 190cc Lawn Mower Engine

160cc and 190cc, both engines are used for heavy-duty mowing. Which one is going to work better for you depends on your needs and the structure of your Lawn.

Let’s compare them on some points and see which one is a better choice for you.


The more cc you have on the Engine, the more power it can generate. So if you need a powerful engine for specific tough jobs, it will be a great choice to get the 190cc Engine.

The more power a lawn-mower has, the less pressure and damage blades have to suffer from. You will also need to sharpen the blades less often if you use the Engine with more power.

Overall, 30 cc doesn’t make a lot of difference in power. The job that a 190cc Lawn Mower engine can do, a 160cc engine will be able to do sufficiently. You can get 190cc if you think that your Lawn needs a more powered lawn-mower.

More power helps in getting through specific challenging situations like wet grass can clog up the 160 engine lawn-mower. The 190cc engine Lawn Mower can easily mow wet grass because it has more power.


The torque of an engine depends on several things, but most important is engine displacement. It is essential to know how much torque an engine can generate before buying the lawn-mower.

It determines how much faster and easier the mowing would be for you.

This means the 190cc Engine can generate more torque than the 160cc Engine. If you want a faster and smoother operation, then a 190cc engine will satisfy your needs.

Fuel Consumption

More “cc” means more power, but it also more fuel-consumption. The bigger the”cc” volume is, the more fuel an engine will require to do the job.

It means 190cc Lawn Mower Engine will require more fuel to do the same job a 160cc engine can do with less fuel. More fuel means more cost added to the mowing. So it would be more cost-efficient to use a Lower “cc” engine.

If you don’t like to refuel your mower often, then a 160cc engine lawn-mower is the right one for you.


With more power and acceleration, you can get the job done faster. 190cc Lawn Mower engine produces more power and acceleration so it can with it you will be able to mow your Lawn in less time.

160cc Engine will consume more time than the 190cc version because of the less power and torque.

On the other hand, time also depends on the size of your Lawn; if you have a small lawn, then a 160cc engine can also do the job. If you own a bigger lawn and want a lawn-mower that consumes less time, you can go with a 190cc Engine.

Buying and Maintenance Cost

Usually, the bigger “cc” engine costs more, but there are also some other factors that affect the price of a Lawn Mower. 160cc Engine and 190cc engine will have almost the same maintaining cost, but it can differ according to the modal of the lawn-mower.

In general, the 160cc Lawn Mower engine will cost less as it also requires less fuel to run.

Bagging or leaf Mulching

For effective bagging or mulching, you will need a mower with more power. So the 190cc Engine can do a better job at bagging the clippings or mulching the grass.

The 160cc Engine can also do this, but some rough terrain can slow it down, or you can have the clogging problem.

Mowing in rougher areas

Little weeds and rough grass can cause the lawn-mower to slow down or clog up. It can also do some damage to the mowing blades. The 190cc Engine that has more power will be able to cut the small weeds along the way quickly, so you don’t have to get another tool for that.

Also, if you mow around, rocks or hard objects can damage the blades if you have a more powered engine, so you have to keep in mind too.

It will be more suitable to use the 190cc Lawn Mower engine if you have rough parts of your Lawn.

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Other Things To Consider When Buying Gas Lawn Mower

The engine displacement or “cc” plays a vital role in choosing the right Gas engine lawn-mower, but it is not all you need to know. There are different things that you should see before buying.

Compression Ratio

The compression ratio is another important factor that affects the power of the Engine. The compression Ratio is measured between the volume of the piston when it is on the top and the volume when it is at the bottom after compression of the gases.

It depends on the design of the parts in the Engine. Strong engine parts can produce more compression ratio.

A more “cc” engine with less compression ratio will give less power output than an engine with the same “cc” and more compression ratio. So make sure to check out the compression ratio along with the “cc.”

Commercial or Home use

The commercial engines tend to work better than the engines made for Home use only. Commercial Lawn Mower engine also has better durability. It doesn’t matter what the engine displacement is.

You can get more features in a commercial engine than a home use engine.

There are commercial engines available in the market that have lower “cc” than the engines made for Home use, and the commercial engines work better and have a longer lifetime.

In The End

There is not much difference in the 160cc vs. 190cc Lawn Mower Engine, but depending on different situations, one might do better than the other.

You should know about your and Lawn’s needs before choosing the right product, so you know what you want from your lawn-mower. Also, Don’t forget to keep the compression ratio in mind when buying a gas-powered Lawn Mower.

The Lawn Mower is a great tool to keep your Lawn even and clean, so you should choose with better knowledge of everything. I hope this article helped you with getting that knowledge.

Let me know if this article helped you with a better choice.


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