Best 4 Stroke Weed Eater – Top Picks

Suppose you have the responsibility of weeding off a considerable size of the lawn. Of course, you would be wanting some tool that can give you a speedy and powerful service without making you be in the job for hours.

In that case, 4 stroke weed wacker can be your best companion for landscaping. These trimmers are loaded with the benefits of extra torque, more power production, fewer emissions, outstanding fuel-efficiency, less noise production, and lots more.

It comes a bit costly than the 2-stroke weed wacker; these 4-stroke ones can deliver an efficient and outstanding job effortlessly.

Please take a look at our list of best four-cycle string trimmer and pick up your ideal model.

7 Best 4 Stroke Weed Eater

Southland SWFT15002 Weed Eater

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15002

It is designed for heavy-duty performance, this string trimmer is equipped with a powerful engine of 150 cc that delivers 5.75ft/lbs torque. This gives you the convenience of effortless and uniform trimming at a constant speed, even though the thickets or dense volume of weeds.

Powered by gas fuel, the trimmer has the feature of a smooth start fuel delivery system. To provide a swift completion of the job, this string trimmer has a wide cutting swatch of 22 inches. Furthermore, the feed system has a quad line of 0.155 inches that gives a precision manicure to your lawn. It also reduces the frequent breakage of the line, thus preventing the addition of extra time to your lawn session.

To enhance the maneuverability of the product, a 12 inches wheel is attached. It helps the smooth and balanced movement of the trimmer even through the uneven terrain and steep hills. The addition of a foldable anti-vibration foam grip handle makes the trimming process a lot more comfortable and trouble-free. This prevents you from the pain and fatigue of your hands and back even if you had lengthy lawn trimming. Moreover, the foldable feature gives you the benefits of easy storage of the tool.

SWFT15002 is easy to assemble, start, and use, making it go around all those difficult overgrown places of your yards. It is your ideal type if you have sizeable or commercial land to weed off.

  • Easy to start
  • Powerful engine
  • Have a wide cutting swatch
  • The foldable handle makes easy storage
  • Anti-vibration foam grip handle
  • Very easy to use
  • Maneuverable
  • Short handle
  • Doesn’t cut low enough
  • May not last long

Husqvarna 324L

Husqvarna 324L

When you are in a need of the professional level of trimming with an easy-to-use tool, this 324L model can be your ideal choice. Equipped with a 4 cycle engine of 25 ccs, this model run effortlessly at a speed of 7000 RPMs through the dense grass.

Featured with a cutting swatch of 18 inches, this 4 stroke weed trimmer can weed off a broad strip of the plot in one go. The tool has a robust twisted trimmer line that gives a uniform trim to the weeds. Moreover, for the ease of using, the trimmer engine is designed to runs on unleaded gas, which saves you from the hassle of mixing oil and fuel.

Moreover, the innovative feature called tap N’ Go line string makes an easy release of the string just by tapping the trimmer head against the lawn. Adding to the easiness, the T25 trimmer head is designed in such a way that it offers effortless and straightforward reloading of the line.

The trimmer comes with a feature of a translucent fuel tank that allows you to monitor the fuel level without opening it visually. Furthermore, the air purge primer bulb removes the undesired air from the fuel system as well as the carburetor.

Husqvarna 324L uses the Smart start technology that minimizes the starter cord resistance by almost 40%. Additionally, the trimmer comes with a high visible cutting shield. It prevents the flying of any rocks and debris without restricting your visibility to your cutting area. Besides, a straight shaft design of the trimmers provides greater reach to the extended spot.

  • Gives easy release of the line
  • Can run on unleaded gas
  • Offers easy line reloading
  • Have Smart start technology
  • Translucent fuel tank
  • High visible cutting shield
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Can be used as an edger
  • Needs more than 2 minutes to heat-up
  • Not large-enough guard shield

Craftsman CMXGTAMD30SA

Craftsman CMXGTAMD30SA

This model is equipped with a straight shaft. It allows you to trim around the delicate spots like around the bushes and flower beds, under the furniture, etc. with ease. Moreover, the fixed-line trimmer head is devised for 0.95 inches of a tri-colored round line. It offers an easy replacement of lines as well as sharp and smooth cut to the overgrowths and weeds.

Easy to start, this four-stroke string trimmer can be just switched on simply by two steps. To set the trimmer on, you just need to prime and pull the strat cord, and it will take care of the yard work.

It is provided with a cutting head of width 17 inches, which can make your more challenging lawn job a quick process. To make the job faster, the model is provided with 30 ccs of a powerful engine. Though the trimmer delivers an efficient job, yet it generates less noise. As the benefits of 4 stroke engine offer, this trimmer also doesn’t require mixing of oil and gas.

The handle of the Craftsman’s weed wacker can be positioned in multiple ways, which offers reduced vibrations and fatigues. This offers the user to have the comfortability as well as the command required to get the task done. So, make keep your yard clean with this easy and convenient model from Craftsman.

  • Fixed-line trimmer head
  • Start with just 2 steps
  • The powerful engine of 30 cc
  • Generates low noise
  • Less vibrating
  • Multi-positioned handle
  • Little hard to control
  • A bit complicated to assemble



This model has a premium full-crank engine of 25cc that runs on the mechanism of producing one power stroke every 4 cycles.

The dual-bearing and full-support crankshaft offers a smooth and effortless weeding without compromising the power of the trimmer. Furthermore, the straight and long shaft delivers you the benefits of etching hard-to-trim spots.

With the boom of extended reach, this weed wacker also has the features of pro-rewind. Along with this, this weeder has a high capacity bump head that routinely feeds the string to the head when needed.

Having a wide cutting swatch of 17 inches, this model is pretty quick in its job. Moreover, it is equipped with a line of a diameter of 0.095 inches. It not only provides sharp and inform cut to the weeds of your lawn but also is less prone to breakage.

Moreover, the ingenious feature of TrimmerPlus attachment allows you to transform your tools into other gadgets for landscaping. That means you can take care of other lawn jobs without having dedicated tools for each job. So, other than saving money you also don’t have to worry about the storage of extra tools.

  • Easy startups
  • Comes with premium full-crank engine
  • Has straight dual-bearing shaft
  • Has attachment capability

Troy-Bilt TB575

Troy-Bilt TB575

Powered by an engine of 29cc, this model can deliver the high torque that you need with the supply of the constant power. It gives a uniform trim without any reduction in the speed.

Comes with a straight shaft design, this model is ideal to use in hard-to-reach and extended reach spots like around shrubs or garden furniture.

To give the user the convenience of the easy start, this model is equipped with SpringAssist technology and JumpStrat Capability. The former feature reduces the pulling effort of the cord by 50%, while the latter feature needs to be attached separately. In that case, the users don’t need to pull the cord to give trimmers a start; instead that can be done by just a push of a button.

Featured with a wide cutting swatch of 17 inches, this string trimmer ensures an efficient and quick job with precision manicuring. Moreover, it comes with the convenience of a 0.095 inches dual-line bump head that makes the loading of more lines easier.
Furthermore, this model is capable of attaching 10 different TrimmerPlus attachments, thus giving you the benefits of a number of tools. It not only saves your money from buying many tools but also saves the space of storage.

  • Powerful 29cc 4-cycle engine
  • A wide cutting swath of 17 inches
  • Straight shaft design
  • Dual-line bump head
  • Attachments capability
  • Equipped with SpringAssist technology
  • String breaks easily
  • Need longer warmups before using
  • Difficult to re-string



Powered by a mini 4-stroke engine of 25cc, this 4 stroke weed wacker is quite efficient in giving a pro manicuring look to your lawn. The engine is very light weighted, which makes the overall weight of the trimmer lighter. Besides, the powerful engine offers quick acceleration and excellent torque so that you can employ it for demanding jobs like trimming through the dense outgrowths.

During the use, the strimmers run straight with proper balancing due to its lightweight of 14 pounds. Moreover, it has superior shock absorption weight that also reduces the fatigue, so that you can operate the trimmer for extended sessions.

Honda HHT25SLTAT doesn’t require any hassle of oils and fuel mixing. Its engine can be powered by unleaded gas.

The trimmer has a cutting head of width 17 inches with the semi-metic bump feed system with an ultra-quiet line. Moreover, the shaft of this trimmer is quite flexible and durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Installed with the innovative deflector design, the model allows increased visibility as well as keeps the rocks and clipping flying towards you. Furthermore, it’s ergonomically design and feature of two control position makes the trimming of a lawn convenient and fatigue less.

  • Easy to start and use
  • Comes with shoulder strap
  • Powerful
  • Don’t get overheated even after 2 hours of usage
  • Runs smoothly
  • The lines get entangled if not used at high speed.
  • Bump feed works poorly

Makita EM2652LHN

Makita EM2652LHN

With a powerful and fuel-efficient engine of 25.4 ccs, this model can be listed among the string trimmers used for commercial purposes. The engine doesn’t require the mixing of fuels, thus saving you from the headache of combining fuels. Having a fuel capacity is 20 oz, it can be used for a pretty long session after once filling the tank.

Makita EM2652LHN has the feature of a multi-position lubrication system. It gives you the ease of inclining the engine to any desired position so that you can work continuously.

To provide effortless and speedy starts, this string trimmer has the feature of a mechanical automatic engine decompression system. This model is fitted with a dual-stage air filter to keep the debris away from entering the engine. Moreover, with the large sealing area, the air filter is replaceable and can be easily accessible.

With a straight shaft of length 57 inches, this trimmer can reach extended spots. Additionally, it can be used to trim tricky areas like around the trees and bushes or under the garden furniture.

The 4 cycle string trimmer has a cutting swatch of 17 inches, ensuring a wide trimmed patch in one go. Fitted with a line of diameter 0.095 inches, the model offers a pro-level manicure to your lawn. With the advanced bump feed system and quick snap spool replacement feature, the tool offers easy reloading of strings.

  • Has multi-position lubrication system
  • Provide powerful performance
  • Easy to start
  • Blowers do an efficient job
  • No fumes
  • Low vibration
  • Bump feed doesn’t work properly


Packed with so many benefits, the four-stroke weed wacker can be your ideal tool for needing the lawn care process. The most prominent benefits being its extra torque that allows more powerful trimming, you can easily trim off the outgrowths with greater speed.

With the boon of fewer emissions, the trimmers have great fuel efficiency and generate less noise, which makes them an environment-friendly gadget. Thus you save not only your money but also the extra time required for refueling. Moreover, the 4 stroke string trimmers can run on unleaded gas and don’t need the mixing of fuels and oil.
So, in conclusion, if you have a great deal of work and want to finish it quickly but efficiently, you can surely go for 4 stroke weed wacker.

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