Best American Made Lawn Mowers – Top 7 Mowers

We take pride in using the products made in our country by hard-working Americans. We all use different American products to fulfill our needs in our daily life, so why not use a Lawn Mower made in our country.

Here in America, we have many brands that make high-quality, capable Lawn Mowers. When we buy a product made in our country, we contribute to improving our country.

Several American brands make their products overseas, and it is hard to find a brand that can promise an authentic American product built on this soil.

I know you have been looking on the internet for the Top American Made Lawn Mower. To help you, we bring you our list. So you can buy a Lawn Mower to make your life better and support your country as well.

7 Best American Made Lawn Mowers

Check out our list of American made mowers and find the best one for yourself.

ALMC Reel Mower

ALMC 1415 - Best American Made Lawn Mower

Reel Lawn Mowers have a great quality of cutting, good maneuverability, and they tend to stay good in shape longer than other rotary mowers. That is why it is a good choice for any lawn. This Reel Lawn Mower comes with a T-style cushioned handle that provides comfort and control while mowing.

There are five blades on the ball-bearing reel. The blades are made of heat-treated alloy steel that stays sharp and durable for a longer time.

You can choose your desired cutting height as this Mower has different cutting height options. You can adjust the cutting height from 1/2″ to 2-1/4,” which should be enough for a Lawn without tall vegetation.

The mower has 10″ composite wheels with radial tread tires that provide good traction and control. The mower needs minimum assembly that can be done very easily, and it requires less maintenance.

One of the advantages of having a reel lawn mower is you can easily get into tight spaces. Mowing around hard objects and trees or shrubs with a rotary mower is hard because there is a possibility of blades getting damaged. With this Reel Lawn Mower, you can mow around objects and trees without any worries.

This mower is environment-friendly as it does not produce any carbon emissions and loud noises.

If you like to have a premium quality of cutting and willing to do some hard work on your lawn, this mower is the best choice. It is easily maneuverable, and it doesn’t take much space for storage.

This mower can easily cut grass up to 3″-4″ high for as long as you want.

  • Effective and Durable Blades
  • Three Different Height Options
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Great for Mowing in any Lawn
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Gets Clogged on weeds and twigs

ALMC Corded Mower (50514)

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 - American Lawn Mower

The American Lawn Mower Company is in business since the 1970s, and it is still going strong. This highly effective Mower comes with an 11 Amp motor that can provide gas-like power to mow your Lawn.

You won’t have to worry about charging batteries or refueling the Mower with this corded Lawn Mower; plug the cord and start the Mower with only one push of a button.

This Mower has a 14″ steel deck that is more than enough to mow a smaller lawn in less time and with less effort.

The deck’s height is adjustable to 5-positions. You can choose the cutting height from 1″-2.5″ and give your Lawn a perfect cutting. It doesn’t matter if you have different types of grass on your Lawn. This Mower can take care of them.

The handle has an excellent cushioned ergonomic grip, and it is easily foldable for storage. The handle has different height positions, making it very comfortable to use and helps with better maneuverability.

The cord retainer will prevent it from unintentionally unplugging.

The Mower has different options to deal with the grass clippings. You can choose to mulch or discharge the clippings from the rear chute, or you can collect the clippings in a 16-gallon bag that is easily detachable. The bag has a grass level indicator that lets you know when the bag is full, so you can empty the bag and get back to mowing faster.

This Mower has a compact design that is easy to assemble and very comfortable to operate. If you have a small lawn, you can buy this product and get efficient mowing at a meager price. It is very lightweight and does the work without any problems.

This Lawn Mower has a high quality of cutting and enough power to mow efficiently on a small lawn.

This mower comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Compact Design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Ease of Use
  • Different Cutting and Handle positions
  • Great Quality at a Low-Price
  • Not suitable for use on a Big Lawns

Fiskars Reel Lawn Mower

Fiskars Lawn Mower - American Made Lawn Mower

Fiskars have their manufacturing facilities in 70 countries, including America. This mower is on the list because of the amazing performance this mower provides. All you need to mow your lawn with this mower is your will to do some hard work—no more harmful carbon emissions or worrying about the battery losing charge before the work is done.

This Lawn Mower is quite easy to maneuver and operate. It got 10″ large wheels and a combination of some advanced technologies that make pushing 30% easier than other reel mowers.

The InertiaDrive technology contains a large reel and thicker blades, delivering 50% more cutting power. This feature lets you mow through twigs and small weeds that can clog other reel mowers. You can easily clean your lawn in less time and without putting in too much effort.

This Lawn Mower has a 17″ cutting width, and you can also adjust to your ideal cutting height. You can choose from 1.5″- 3.5″ and cut every tall and small grass you have on your lawn.

This lawn Mower uses StaySharp technology, which extends the sharpness of the blades.

Unlike other Reel Lawn Mowers, the blades and the stationary reel on this mower don’t make contact, helping the blades stay sharp for a longer time. The mower can keep itself sharp, which means you don’t have to sharpen the blades more often. It saves a lot of your valuable time.

From common residential grass to some of the southern varieties, this Mower can cut almost every type of grass you have on your lawn. The discharge chute on this mower throws clippings forward away from your feet.

Mowing with this Lawn Mower will take a lot of time and hard work, but you will receive the best results from this mower if you are willing to do it. It gives clean scissor-like cutting without dealing with the fumes of a gas engine or an extension cord.

The product has a two-year warranty.

  • 30% Easier to push Than Other Reel Mowers
  • StaySharp Technology
  • 50% More cutting Power
  • Can cut almost Every type of grass
  • Gives Cleaner cutting
  • Front Discharge Chute
  • Going to Take More time

Snapper HD Cordless Mower

Snapper-HD - Made in America Lawn Mower

This Cordless Lawn Mower has a Briggs and Straton 48v 5Ah battery that gives you 60 minutes of runtime while using it for light work. You can mow your whole lawn with one charge if you have a small lawn.

The brushless motor provides more torque and longer life.

You can choose how you want to deal with the grass clippings because the 20″ steel deck can mulch and bag the clippings in the large rear bag, or you can use side discharge for easy disposal.

This mower has seven different cutting height positions, which are easily changeable with the pull of a single lever. You can choose from 1-3/8 inches to 3-3/8 inches and get your desired height for mowing different types of grass on your lawn.

LoadSensing technology gives the mower extra power when dealing with thicker grass. It conserves the battery while providing efficient power to the mower.

You don’t have to worry about storing the mower even if you have limited space in your garage or storage room, as this mower is capable of vertical storage. Now, the mower won’t take all the place to itself in your garage.

This Self-propelled Lawn Mower offers great convenience while delivering great power and efficient run-time. This is the best choice for a small lawn with thin and small debris. The mower is quiet and pretty lightweight, so using it is quite easy and comforting.

  • Convenient for small Lawn
  • Easy to use
  • Cordless Freedom
  • Powerful and durable Brushless Motor
  • Vertical storage
  • LoadSensing Feature
  • Needs a Bigger Battery for a Bigger Lawn

Snapper XD Cordless Mower

Snapper XD - The Best American Made Lawn mower

Snapper runs its business from McDonough, Georgia, and the manufacturing is based in several places like Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Munnsville, New York, and Tupelo, Mississippi. Cordless Mowers give you the advantage of freely navigating the mower through your lawn without any problems and with less fatigue as they are so lightweight.

This Cordless Self-propelled Lawn Mower gives you the power you need to cut different grass in your lawn with two 82v Briggs and Stratton 2 Ah batteries. The self-propelling is more comfortable to use with variable speed function. You can choose the perfect pace for you that you need to mow your lawn correctly.

The two 2Ah batteries come with a rapid charger and can provide you a longer runtime as you can switch batteries after one loses charge. The second battery should be enough for a small lawn, or After switching the battery, you can put the low one on the rapid charger if you want to mow the larger area.

The advantage of having a second battery is you don’t have to stop mowing if one battery is drained.

For your convenience, you don’t have to worry about leaving the battery on the charger for too long, as the smart charger can shut itself off after the battery fully charges.

This Lawn Mower has a brushless motor that produces amazing power. The brushless motors are more durable and provide excellent power for a more extended time.

This mower has a 21″ steel deck that has 3-in-1 capabilities. You can effectively mulch, discharge through the side chute or collect the clippings in the rear bag.

The Smart “Load-Sensing” technology adjusts the power as you mow to deliver enough power according to the grass’s density so that you can mow thicker grass more easily.

With 7-position height adjustments that you can change with just one lever, you don’t have to worry about dealing with different grass types.

This Snapper Cordless Self-propelling Lawn Mower is quiet and powerful. It has vertical storage capability so that you can store it in a small space. It is a perfect choice for you if you want a powerful mower without dealing with the fumes that come from the gas mower.

The 10″ rear wheel makes it easier to mow on steep hills. It requires less maintenance and comes with a 5-year warranty on the mower and a 2-year warranty on the batteries.

  • Load-sensing Technology
  • Variable Speed
  • It comes with two Batteries
  • Brushless Motor is More Durable
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy to use
  • Hard to maneuver in Dense areas
  • The battery is not powerful enough for a Larger area

Cub Cadet Push Mower (SC 100 HW)

Cub Cadet SC 100 HW - Lawn Mower

Cub cadet has manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Mississippi, and Tennessee. This gas-powered Push Mower delivers optimal power that provides an excellent quality of cutting. This Lawn Mower has a 159cc OHV engine with a thermal auto-choke that offers a SureStart guarantee. It means that you don’t have to worry about priming or other frustrating things to start the mower.

People’s main problem with a gas mower is starting it; not with this mower; it will quickly start with just one pull.

This Lawn Mower comes with a 21″ cutting deck that cuts grass efficiently and faster in a small or medium lawn. The deck is made with steel, so it has incredible durability and allows you to mow around hard objects.

The deck offers you three options to deal with the grass clippings. You can mulch, discharge through the side chute or collect the clippings in the rear bag. The bag is rather small but should be enough for a small Lawn.

The deck is adjustable, so you can choose your ideal cutting height from 6-position that ranges from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. With the dual-lever height adjustments located on the front and back of the mower, you can easily change cutting height as per your needs.

With only 63lbs of weight and a 3-way adjustable ergonomic handle, this Lawn Mower is very easy to push and offers impressive maneuverability. The handle has a soft touch grip, so controlling the mower won’t take too much effort.

This Lawn Mower has an 8″ front and 11″ rear wheel with an industrial tread design that provides better stability and control on hilly terrain.

It is important to clean the cutting deck after a mowing session so the Lawn Mower keeps giving a compelling performance. To make this easier, this mower comes with a patented SmartJet deck washing system that allows you to clean your mower’s deck quickly.

This Push Lawn Mower is a great deal that comes with so many amazing features. The powerful engine and the capable cutting deck is efficient for cutting grass in a small or medium Lawn. The steel deck and other plastic parts are very durable.

So if you are looking for a Push Lawn Mower for Your Lawn, this is a product that can fulfill your needs.

  • Powerful Engine
  • 6 cutting height options
  • Easy to push
  • Can mow around objects
  • Great mulching
  • Only effective for a Small Lawn
  • Keeping the grass catcher in place is Difficult

Swisher Zero Turn Mower(ZTR2454BS-CA)

Swisher ZTR - American Lawn Mower

Swisher Brand power equipment is manufactured in Middle America by proud American workers. This Lawn Mower is one of the best zero-turn mowers in the market. It comes with a 24HP Briggs and Stratton engine that delivers incredible power for effective and even cutting. The mower is equipped with an electric start, so it starts very quickly.

Like all the zero-turn mowers, this mower has excellent maneuverability. It allows you to make sharp 360° turns and get into hard-to-reach places.

The mower can run at 8 Mph in forward or reverse so you can clean your lawn in less time. The patented Rapid Response Control System provides better control and a smooth driving.

The Hydro-Gear 2800 transmission and Ogura clutch promise better torque and durability.

The 54″ cutting deck is fabricated with 11 gauge steel that offers high-quality cutting and improved reliability. The cutting deck is equipped with three gator mulching blades that can cut grass into tiny pieces.

This mower has a side discharge for easy disposal of grass clippings. The front debris shield provides protection and improves airflow in the deck.

There is no need to worry even if you have uneven ground or different grass types on your lawn because this mower has easy cutting height adjustment. You can choose cutting height from 1.5″-4.5” and set you the ideal choice of cutting height with a foot-assisted deck lifting paddle.

This means you can also take care of tall and thick grass on your lawn.

The mower also has a front and rear hitch, so you can attach several other gardening tools and manage your lawn more efficiently. The mower has an 8-gallon fuel capacity so that you can mow your lawn for a longer time.

Commercial-grade steel frame and full engine wrap provide incredible durability.

This mower is also very comfortable to use with some extra features like you can put refreshments in the cupholder, the hour meter lets you know about the mower’s usage to give the mower a break after hours of using.

So are you looking for an effective and convenient zero-turn lawn Mower? This mower is a great choice for you as it offers amazing performance has great useful features to make your mowing experience better and comfortable. It operates very quietly, so your neighbors won’t be bothered by your Lawn Mower’s loud noises anymore.

  • 24Hp Briggs and Stratton Engine
  • Three Gator Mulching Blades
  • Ogura Clutch
  • Easy Height Adjustments
  • Produces Less Noise
  • A little bit Costly

Over to You

So this is our list of the Best American Made Lawn Mower. All of the products above are made in this country and by the workers of this country so you can buy and use an effective and durable product.

Let me know if this article is helpful and you can also tell me about your experience with the product.

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