Best Corded Electric String Trimmer – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Ending of the lawn care process can be made efficient and trouble-free by the use of string trimmers. It can give your lawn a perfect manicure look by reaching every nooks and corner, where your mower failed.

String trimmers can be powered by two sources – either by gas or by electricity.

The electrical string trimmers can be a handy option if you have a small to the medium-sized lawn to take down. Electrical string trimmers can be cordless or corded, i.e., can be either powered by battery or by directly by plugin. These string trimmers deliver an efficient job without the generation of fumes and noise, as in the case of gas trimmers.

Known for the least maintenance requirements, lightweight, eco-friendly, and cheapest price, the corded string trimmers can be a preferable choice. Even constant power is delivered by them, which gives a uniform trimming to your lawn.

The only downside is its difficulty in mobility if you don’t have an extension cord outlet around your lawn. So, if you can overcome the problem of cord length restriction, you can give your lawn a pro trimming look by yourself.

This is our list of best corded string trimmers reviews for you, to give you the ease in choosing. Here we go!

9 Best Corded Electric String Trimmer

Greenworks 21212

Greenworks 21212- The best corded string trimmer

If you don’t want to hurt your lovely lawn by generating noise or emitting harmful gases, Greenworks 21212 will be ideal for you. Along with its smooth operation and low noise generation, this model also has a zero carbon footprint.

It has 13 inches of cutting width and 4Amp brushless motor, and the corded string trimmer can run around with quite a power. Not only this makes your lengthy lawn session to be a shorter one, but it also gives your lawn a beautifully manicured look. To complement it, the model has a 0.065 dual-line with automated feeding and rotating trimmer shaft, which can be ideal for smooth and accurate edging.

The trimmer weighs 7 lbs and easy to use design, making it perfect for using it on small to medium-sized lawn trimming.

Equipped with a telescoping handle, it allows adjusting the height of the shaft according to the user’s convenience. Moreover, it comes with a handy cord lock that stops the accidental unplugging if you unawarely try to pull the trimmer beyond extension.

  • Zero carbon footprint
  • Comes with convenient cord lock
  • Telescoping shaft
  • Equipped with a rotating trimmer shaft
  • Low noise production
  • Automated feeding
  • Replacement cartilage may not fit in the trimmer
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Can’t be used over 10 minutes without a break



This model is exceptionally designed to trim out the toughest weeds and overgrowths with high-performance. Fabricated with a motor of 5 Amp, the trimmer can supply power drive transmission putting it among the list of tough trimmers.

The model ST8600 comes with automated feed spool that automatically feeds the trimmer string on the requirement. It is shaped to be a trimmer of 5.35 pounds and a cutting path of 13 inches, the trimmer delivers a smooth and fast job. Not only that, but it also offers flexible height and pivoting handle settings so that the user can adjust the trimmer to their convenience.

Modeled with the feature of dual functions – easy transformation in edger and trimmer- it gives the benefit of better lawn care. The edge is provided with a guiding wheel that secure, precise edging.

Moreover, the trimmer is provided with a cord retention system. It prevents the unexpected cord disconnection in case you accidentally go beyond the cord limit.

Additionally, to keep the user’s safety and comfort level at a check, the trimmer comes with additional tools. Those include five replacement spools, a pair of gloves, a bin for leaf collection, a replacement spool cap, and safety glasses.

  • Can trim through thick outgrowths
  • Featured with the power drive transmission
  • Dual function
  • Comes with accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Power plug design is not handy
  • Auto feeding line is of poor quality
  • Safety guard don’t have 180 guard

Greenworks 21142

Greenworks 21142 electric corded string trimmer

Fitted with a 10 Amp powerful motor and 18 inches of cutting path, the model quickens up the trimming process to a shorter session. To make the use of the trimmer ease and smooth, the trimmer has a dual-line bump feed, each of diameter 0.080 inches.

The model has a straight shaft, which saves you from bending if you are a tall person. Moreover, the length also helps you to reach tight spaces and distant areas. Extending the comfort of variable speed adjustment, the model makes its way among the top picks of effortless and convenient string trimmers.

It is designed to be a lightweight tool with an easy electric start, and the trimmer also has the safety feature of the cord lock. Combinations of these features not only make the trimmer a handy one but also make it well-secured to work with.

To make the grip on the trimmer comfortable and effortless, the model has cushioned and over-mold grip and handles with auxiliary handle. Furthermore, the quick-connect coupler of the trimmer offers secure attachments and fits from various name brands like Ryobi, TrimmerPlus, etc.

  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Comes with cord lock
  • Straight shaft
  • Cushioned and over-mold grip and handles
  • Offers secure attachments of tools from other brands
  • Hard to balance model
  • The on-off switch is difficult to control
  • String doesn’t last long

Toro 51480

Toro 51480

This model is an excellent blend of exemplary features. It is featured with an extra-wide cutting head of 14 inches and dual-line cutting string, making the lawn care quick and easy process. Moreover, the trimmer has an auto-feed trim string characteristic, saving you from the hassle of changing string manually.

Toro 51480 is loaded with a powerful and durable motor of 5 Amp, giving it a high-performance and user-friendly quality.

Moreover, this model comes with the option of dual functions that allows it a natural transformation from trimmer to an edger and vice-versa. It can be done just by a press of a button in a matter of seconds. The edger of this model is sturdy and durable that can make your lawing session process effortless.

It has the advantage of a telescoping shaft and flexible assisting handle, this trimmer can reach distant spots with ease. Also, the trimmer has adjustable options to accommodate it for all users.

Weighing 6.30 lbs, the trimmer comes under the light-weighted list and gives an excellent balance for working. Another exceptional feature of this trimmer includes a rust-free aluminum shaft, which makes it long-lasting and robust to endure any stresses during trimming.

  • Dual function – edge and trimmer
  • Flexible handle
  • Rust-free aluminum shaft
  • Auto-feed trim string
  • Wide cutting head
  • Telescoping shaft
  • String doesn’t last for long
  • The re-stringing process is complicated
  • Screws may get loose



Featured with a powerful motor of 6.5 Amp and high torque transmission, the model GH900 provides high-quality performance of trimming. With the addition of a 13 inches cut path, this string trimmer delivers a quick job of manicuring.

Moreover, innovative AFS (automatic feed system) prevents the bumping or stopping to load the feed line, thus ensuring a regular trimming session. It comes with the benefits of dual functions; the trimmer can be converted into an edger in no time. It helps you to edge along the borders, sidewalks, and flower beds, to give you the perfect look of manicuring at a cost-effective budget. Besides, the edge mode comes with better control and accuracy granting a straighter and more precise edging effect.

It is equipped with an auxiliary handle to give the users comfortable care, the trimmer additionally designed to be light-weighted. Moreover, the design provides the trimmer an ergonomic feature, complemented with the benefit of adjustable height and pivoting handle.

The installed Power Drive Transmission prevents the bogging down of the trimmer, thus allowing you to run through the toughest weeds and outgrowths. Generally used to ensure manicuring at hard-to-reach spots where mowers can’t reach, this trimmer can give you a satisfactory level of trimming.

  • Comes with an auxiliary handle
  • Adjustable height with pivoting handle
  • Installed power drive transmission
  • Has the auto-feed system
  • Light-weighted
  • well-balanced
  • Power connection has a two-prong extension cord.
  • Auto-feed system is poorly designed
  • The string gets eaten up very quickly



This model is a perfect combination of control and versatility, giving the users the benefits of high-performance trimming along with ease and comfort. Fitted with a motor of 5.5 Amp, WORX WG119 can weed through the outgrowths to give precision cut.

Moreover, it is equipped with the feature of a telescoping shaft, which can be adjusted in four different positions. This bonus characteristic saves you from performing backbreaking labor; thus, you can hold the natural body posture during the trimming session. Additionally, it allows you to trim the tight places and sloppy landscapes.

The cutting swath has a broad path width of 15 inches to make your job faster. Furthermore, the dual-line has an auto-feed system for advancing forward without bumping.

It comes with the dual feature of both trimmer and edger – just by rotating the handle and adjusting the head, it can be an edger. As powerful as trimmer, the edger delivers a great functionality to clean the edges around the driveways or flowerbeds.

It is equipped with a foldable scraper guard to ensure that you don’t mistakenly damage the trees, furniture, or walls during the edging process. Thus, designed to maximize the comfort and easiness, WORX WG119 can be used for prolonged operations.

  • Telescoping shaft
  • Can be adjusted in 4-positions
  • Broad cutting width
  • Foldable scraper guard
  • Easy to assemble
  • Accommodable for the users of all height
  • Not long-lasting product
  • Dirt and debris get stuck in the gap for airflow
  • When overheated, the string starts sticking to itself.

Sun Joe TRJ607E

Sun Joe TRJ607E

Designed to be the very light weight of only 2.8lbs, this model is compact and comfortable to use. Moreover, it is fitted with an ergonomic handle to maximize the comfort with the least impact on your wrist.

Fitted with a powerful motor of 2.4 Amp, the trimmer is ideal for the manicuring session of your small-sized yard. Be its area around the flower beds or the walkways; this trimmer can give you a sense of clean and satisfactory trimming.

The cutting path has a width of 10 inches allowing you to strip a reasonably wide swath in one pass. To allow ease in starting, the trimmer comes with an easy push button.

Perfectly refined to deliver a quick manicuring process, the powerful motor of Sun Joe TRJ607E runs 10,000 RPMs. The bumps feed spool has 15 feet of long-lasting trimmer line, which can give precision grooming to the weeds around your small yard.
Operating is super easy- just need to attach the power cord, grab the trimmer, and go.

  • Very light weighted
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle
  • Easy to use
  • Great tool for small yard
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful motor
  • Get slow down with the number of usages
  • Can get overheated even to burn the internal plastics
  • Doesn’t have AFS

Earthwise ST00009

Earthwise ST00009

With a motor of 2.4 Amps offering 11,000rmps, this model can be a reliable choice for small yards. The trimmer is equipped with a binary string, each of diameter 0.065 inches and 9 inches of cutting width. These combinations deliver a neat and clean trim of your lawn giving it a perfect manicuring look.

The model has an external UL waterproof plug, which earns it a brownie point on the ground of safety. Moreover, it has a handy cord design with a cord retention hook that allows the user to work without concern about the cord.

For the convenience of the users, the handle of the trimmer can be adjusted in 3 flexible positions. Earthwise ST00009 is a compact and lightweight model. Its edger form is easy to use and offers quick service with easiness. Moreover, this trimmer comes with a flip-down steel edge guard feature, which makes sure that you accidentally don’t trim off the flowers or other crops.

In addition, it comes with an adjustable auxiliary handle and flexible telescopic pole so that you can set its height to your requirement. A combination of all these features gives you the comfort of precision trimming and edging without much effort.

  • 3 adjustable positions of handle
  • External UL water-proof plug
  • Flip-down steel edge guard
  • Flexible telescopic shaft
  • Comes with cord retention hook
  • Perfect for trimming and edging of the small-sized lawn
  • Easy start with a button
  • Doesn’t have an auto-feed system
  • Gets heated – needs to take a break
  • Need to push-hold the start button while weeding.

PowerSmart PS8208

PowerSmart PS8208

As the name suggests, this corded string trimmer is designed to clip through the toughest weeds and overgrowths. Fabricated with a motor of 2.3 Amp, this model can perform a pretty excellent job of manicuring.

On breakage, the trimmer can automatically feed the line to the trimmer, just saving you from the headache of doing that job physically. Not only that, it saves you from frustration, but also avoids the addition of extra time to your lawn session.
Furthermore, the trimmer is installed with the safety feature of the cord retention system. It prevents the accidental detachment of the cord from the plug point while you unintentionally go beyond the limit.

PowerSmart PS8208 is devised to be the compact and lightweight model which offers easy to start option for the convenience of the users. As an add-on to the ease of the users, the trimmer is very easy to employ.

The trimmer has a cutting width of 9 inches, making it ideal for light-duty weed and grass cutting. So, if you have a small yard to trim off, this model can be convenient.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with safety guard
  • Powerful (for the small yard)
  • Comes with a cord retention system
  • The AFS is of poor quality
  • Screws may get loose during usage

What to look for before Buying a String Trimmer?

You can pick up an excellent quality string trimmer as per your requirement if you can look out for the following features while placing order.


String trimmers come with two types of shaft arrangements – straight or curved. The curvy one will be a more favorable choice for short users. Moreover, due to its design, the string trimmers having a bent shaft is light weighted and well-balanced. This makes it more convenient for longer sessions of lawing.

But the con side is, with the help of curved shaft, it will be harder to trim under lawn furniture or underbrush.
However, if you among the taller users, a straight shaft string trimmer will be a better option for you. It will save you from bending down to make the head of the trimmer perpendicular to the ground. A straight one not only generates less vibration due to its level driveline but also creates more torque due to lower gear reduction.

Head Type

A corded string trimmer with an adjustable head is what you need while dealing with the hard to reach patches of your lawn. With the help of the flexible head, you can twist and turn it to your requirement. This feature gives you the benefit of perfectly manicuring your lawn with the investment of your minimum efforts.

So, for challenging jobs like trimming the sideways or flower beds or the driveways, this well-designed feature makes the trimmer easy-to-use.

Easy Line Swapping

The job of putting the line on the disc manually can be a real hassle and time-consuming. So, while making your purchasing decision, you must look for a model that offers you tool-less line swapping. In such models, all would you need to do is remove the head of the trimmer and place a new stock of trimmer line.


One of the must-have considerations in your specification’s checkbox should be the protection offered by the string trimmer because you must not want the clippings to be all over your clothes or shoes or flying close to your eyes sometimes while trimming.

So, models offering solid and broad protection guards should the ones you must settle for.


Pushing and pulling a heavily weighted model for hours can leave with fatigue and pain. Trimming can be more convenient and comfortable if you own a light-weighted design. Usually, the corded string trimmer has a weight ranging from 5 pounds to 10 pounds. So, anything between this range can be the ideal one for your lawn trimming.

Motor Power

A motor is the heart and soul of every machine, and its power determines the efficient job it will deliver. So, if you are the owner of a small or medium-sized lawn, the trimmers of 5 Amp to 7 Amp will be more than enough. But if you need to trimmer a more massive yard, a trimmer of 10 Amp will be ideal for your job.

Due to the resistance faced by the current, the power transmission decreases with the increase in the length of the cord. So, while choosing the power, you must consider the length of the electric cable also.

Removable cutting head

There remains a gap where the cutting head meets the trimmer’s shaft. If the difference is comprehensive, chances are there for the tall grass to get trapped around that point, and removing them becomes very difficult.

So, to avoid this problem, you can go for the models that come with an easily removable head. It allows you to pop the head off and clean out the weeds. However, the trimmers having a minimal gap can also be considered as an alternative.

Cutting lines and path

How faster you are going to get your trimming job done is chiefly dependable on the specifications of the cutting lines and its path width. The line has a variety of types ranging from single or dual twisted lines to the lines of different diameters. While the cutting path determines the swathe of land, you can trim off in one go.

But your ideal type of trimmer depends on the area of land you need to trim. So, if you have a sizeable estate to take care of, you must consider a string trimmer with a more robust line and a full cutting path.

Dual functions

Some string trimmers are specifically designed to trim off the grass or weeds, while few of them have the function of dual tools. That means, along with trimming, you can also perform other tasks like edging with the same gadget by a few adjustments. So, it saves your money along with the benefit of precision landscaping.


Ultimately, if you can get an extended plug point around the area you need to weed off, we have the best corded electric week eaters for you. The corded line trimmers can be convenient if you have small areas to clear off. Loaded with the feature of the dual function of the trimmer as well as edger, these weed wacker gives your lawn a pro look.

Blessed with the benefits of eco-friendliness and constant powers, these corded weed has a very lightweight. This feature makes its application very comfortable and effortless, thus saving you from the after-pain of extended trimming session.

Unlike cordless one, you don’t need to charge the string trimers before using them. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the dead battery in the middle of the landscaping. It is equipped with many advanced features. A corded string weeder is a perfect tool for weeding sizeable land.

To conclude, we have jotted down the best corded electric string trimmers review to help you out in choosing. Furthermore, we provide a buyer’s guide to give you the idea of which features you must look out while choosing a string trimmer for yourself.

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