Best High Lift Mower Blades – Top Picks

With the regular lawn care process, which mainly includes mowing, the blades get dull over time. As a result, your lawn gets left with uneven and unmowed strips of grass.

But when you need to replace them, of course, you want something that can give your lawn a precision cutting. As the after-mowing texture of your lawn is predominantly determined by the type of blade you use, the high lift mower blades can be the right choice.

However, while making a purchasing decision, you must make sure that the new replacement blades are suitable for your mowers. That means they must have enough length and breadth to slide precisely in the center hole and sit well on your mower’s deck.

What is a High Lift Mower Blade?

To know what’s high lift blade is, let us first discuss the mower blades.

Mower blades are the sharpened components of lawnmowers that are employed to mow the overgrowths and weeds. In simple words, these are the cutting blades that are attached to the bottoms of every mower at a particular absolute height. These blades are made up of sturdy metals to endure quick contact with the grass and other obstacles like rocks.

These mower blades are typically divided into – Reel or cylinder blades, deck blades, mulching blades, and lifting blades. Each of them has a specific shape and designed for a particular purpose.

Among them, the lifting blade has the design of a slightly curved surface. This particular shape creates a vertical upward airflow during mowing and gives a precise result of cutting than the other types. Further, these lifting blades can be subdivided into the low lift blade, medium-lift blade, and high lift blade, depending upon their suction power.

While low lift and medium-lift blades have lower and medium suction power and require less horsepower, the high lift blade has the greatest suction power. High-Lift Blades have the highest suction power among the three. These blades also require the most horsepower. Ideal for cutting tall and compact grass, these blades are the best for bagging clippings.

The high-lift blade has more curvy angles at the corners that create better lifting of the grasses. This gives a fresh and clean-cut to your lawn. Its high suction lifts the grass and sends the clippings into the bagger. Moreover, the air’s high flow also prevents the clogging of the deck with debris or small rocks.

Lawn mowers with high lift blades should not be used in sandy or dusty soil as they can get damaged due to the struck dirt and sand. Furthermore, using these blades with baggers prevents the engine’s excess loads, resulting in the effective dislodge of grass clippings.

When using high lift blades, your lawnmower must have enough horsepower for the blades to create high suction. Without it, the result of mowing may not be satisfactory, as well as your mower can start getting damaged.

High lift mower blades can give speedy trim with a perfect cut even when used through a large volume of tall weeds. These blades are ideal if you want to give your lawn a pro-level fresh-cut look.

Here is our list of the best high lift lawn mowers blades so that you can easily find the fitting replacements of your blades.

7 Best High Lift Mower Blades in 2023

Rotary Blades for Deck / Craftsman / Poulan / Husqvarna

Rotary Blades - Best High Lift Mower Blades

A lawnmower with wider deck blades is necessary for bigger lawns to prevent you from mowing hours after hours. With a bigger lawnmower, you must be needing longer replacement blades, and with that comes the role of Rotary Blades.

Perfect fit for the mowers with a deck width of 48 inches, these blades can be easily installed. These high lifts operate favorably with the lawnmowers built by Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Poulan. Moreover, the Rotary Blades comes in a pack of three, so the price is quite affordable.

These high lift blades can be the best replacements if you have blades with model numbers 180054 or 17390. Mulching blades 173921 can also be substituted by these high lifts if you do not want to mulch.

These blades have the physical dimension measuring 16-¾ inches long and 2-½ inches width. The thickness of each blade is 0.204 inches. Altogether, these pack of three weights 6 lbs and has star mounting holes. If used with a bagger, these high lift blades toss the clippings better.

  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy
  • Can be sharpened at least a couple of times
  • Get clogged if the grass is wet and very long
  • If not balanced they could be noisy

Stens 340 178

Stens 340 178 High Lift Blades

This set of lawnmower blades has a medium-high lift which gives an efficient result for bagging clippings. Comes in a pack of two, Stens 340 178 can be a great bargain as it delivers pro-level outcomes.

They are designed to have measurements of length 21 inches and breadth 2¼ inches. Each blade has a thickness of 0.149 inches. Stens blades have a central hole of a five-pointed star, and these blades are very easy to install and get perfectly fitted. The pack altogether with two blades weighs 3.54 lbs and is very sturdy as well as a long-lasting product.

Ideal for the lawnmowers if you have the model 21546095 of Arians, 532 13 89-71 of McCulloch, 532 13 89-71 of Poulan, and 6109-004-2012 of Viking.

In the case of AYP, it can fit with the OE numbers 127843, 134149, 138498, 138971, 138971X431.

Other than that, it can also be a perfect match for OEM numbers 532127843, 532138498, and 532138971 of Husqvarna as well as for the models 127843, 138498, and 138971 of Craftsman.

  • Durable product
  • Designed to be sturdy
  • Fits perfectly
  • Delivers an efficient job as the original ones
  • Easy to install
  • Create great suction
  • Need to be sharpened before putting on
  • Not good for heavy-duty mowing

MowerPartsGroup (3) High Lift Blades 490-110-M116

MowerPartsGroup (3) High Lift Blades 490-110-M116

Hi-Lift of MowerPartsGroup having model number 490-110-M116 can be used as a replacement blade for the lawnmower manufactured by Hustler. If you have the lawn mower with the deck width of 60 inches, these blades can be the best match for your mowers.

As far as the physical dimension is concerned, these blades have a length of 20 ½ inches and a breadth of 2 ½ inches. They have a thickness of 0.204 inches each; these blades have a center hole of ⅝ inches. It weighs 4.5 lbs altogether; these high lifts have a round mounting central hole.

They are delivered as a box with three blades. The 490-110-M116 set is a value for the money pack. These blades are used as the substitute for the OE numbers 793794 and 794685.

If you have a lawn full of grass to mow, these blades make sure to leave no grass strips unmowed. Can be a tight fit for the mowers, these blades ejects grass with a much force than the shorter blades.

  • Leaves no grass unmowed
  • Fits perfectly to the deck
  • Gives a good and fresh cutting look
  • Delivers the best performance with wet grass
  • Spinning gets slower than the shorter blades in tall grass
  • Makes the mower bog down

MTD Genuine Parts 490-110-M116

MTD Genuine Parts 490-110-M116 Hi-Lift Blades

This high lift blade with model number 490-110-M116 can be your ideal choice if you have lawnmowers manufactured in and after 1997. It fits the lawn mowers with a deck width of 46 inches; these blades do a great job. It gives a fresh new cut to your lawn at each time of its usage.

For the mowers manufactured by Troy-Bilt, Yard-Man, Huskee, Yard Machines, and Bolens, 490-110-M116 can operate well enough. If you have the blades of OE 942-0644, 742-0644,942-0645, and 742-0645, you can invest in buying MTD 490-110-M116. It can work as the best replacement for the above-mentioned blades.

Comes in a set of three, these high lifts are quite affordable if compared to the quality of the job it delivers. Moreover, these blades can be used for both the process-baggers and side discharge.

As far as the physical measurement is concerned, these high lifts have a length of 16.325 inches and breadth of 3 inches, having a total width of 2 inches. Having a lightweight of 4.50 lbs for three blades, these blades offer an easy rotation.

  • Easy to install
  • Has star mounting holes
  • Gives even and nice cut
  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • Long-lasting
  • Cutting edges are heavily painted
  • Need to sharpen first

USA Mower Blades MTD616SBP

USA Mower Blades MTD616SBP

This set of high lift mower replacement blades comes as a pack of two, MTD616SBP can give you a nicely mowed yard. These blades are the ideal fit for the deck width of 42 inches. As far as the physical dimension goes, they are 21 3/16 inches in length and 3 inches in width. Each blade has a thickness of 0.150 inches and together weighs 5.49 lbs.

These replacement blades have a center hole of 6 point star with 5/16 inches diameter of the outside holes. The gap between the two outer holes as measured from center to center is 2 ½ inches. Having a cut direction towards the right, you must consider this point while fixing the blade to the deck.

If you have a mower’ blades of Cub Cadet with the OEM 742-04308, 742-0616, 742-0656, 942-04126, 942-04308, 942-04312, 942-0616A, and 942-0656, these blades can replace the old ones.

These replacement blades can be a good substitute for blades with OEM 742-04126, 742-04308, 742-0656, 942-0616, 942-0656, 94204126, and 94204308 of MTD for Windsor, OEM with 50-3252, 50-3945 and 50-3950can be replaced by it.

  • Thicker and heavier
  • Gives a fresh cut
  • Creates great suction force
  • Side discharge port chops the grass well
  • Need to sharpen the edges before using
  • Requires more Hp

MTD 490-110-M108

MTD 490-110-M108

The MTD replacement blades of model number 490-110-M108 are designed to fit in the lawnmowers with a deck width of 42 inches. These blades can fit a wide range of mowers manufactured by Troy Bilt, MTD, Yard-Man, Huskee, Yard Machines, and Bolens.

MTD 490-110-M108 comes in a pack of two and is very efficient in its job. Moreover, these blades can be used for both bag and side discharge jobs.

So far as the product measurement is concerned, the blades have the dimensions of 21 x 2.5 x 2 inches. With that, the product weights 2 lbs. This product has 6 point star center holes. These blades can be an excellent fit for your mowers.

If you have the mowers of the above-mentioned manufactures with the blade OEM 942-04308 and 742-04308, we can surely opt for these MTB replacement blades.

  • Long-lasting product
  • Made up of sturdy metal
  • Creates great airlift
  • Easy to fix
  • Needs to resharpen often

Oregon 195-032

Oregon 195-032

These standard-sized replacement blades are designed to fit the lawnmowers having a deck width of 42 inches. Oregon blades are designed with 21 1/16 inches in length, 2.25 inches in width, and 0.149 inches in thickness.

The weight of the Oregon 195-032 (pack of two) is 3.44 lbs and has a center hole of 5 point star.

Oregon 195-032 is very easy to install and does a great job as a replacement blade. They give an excellent cut to the thick grasses on your lawn, leaving a clear-cut texture behind.

These blades are designed to fit with the wide variety of mowers manufactured by AYP. OEM with 531005085, 531307223, 531307224, 532131323, 532134149, 532138498, 532138971, 532139775, 532422719, 532424752, 539110460, 777134149, 917127843, 917131323, 917138498MS, and 917139775P can be replaced with the Oregon.

Other than that, it can also substitute Ariens with the OEM number 21546095, Dixon with the OEM 13926, and Snapper with the OEM 704429.

  • Can replace a wide variety of mowers manufactured by AYP\
  • Comes pre-sharpened
  • Easy to install
  • Can leave a good cutting texture behind
  • Not sturdy enough.
  • May get bend at first usage

Let’s Wrap up

At the end of the day, mower blades are the one that gives your lawn nice and even cut. Their work efficiency is determined by the quality and sharpness of the blades you choose.

But most importantly, you must ensure that your new replacement blades have the suitable length and breadth to fit your deck width. You can do that by merely matching the older ones’ OEM with the list of OEM your new blades can replace.

Additionally, always check the metal’s sturdiness and sharpness, as you must not be wanting to keep on buying new sets of blades frequently.

So, to help you out with all these checks, we have prepared a list of best high lift blades to help you out in making a purchasing decision.

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