Best Lawn Mower Lift – Which one to Buy?

A messy Lawn can interfere with the look of your whole house. You need to clean overgrown grass and weeds to make your Lawn look more attractive, and Lawn Mowers are the best tools for the job.

After keeping your Mower busy for a long time, you need to sharpen the mower blades and clean your Mower of all debris so it can work properly.

Riding Lawn Mowers provide excellent power and convenience, but they are also big and bulky, making it hard to do some maintenance and repair on them.

You are going to need a heavy-duty Lift for the effective maintenance of the Mower. There are many options for a sufficient Lift, but a lift can only work with some specific mowers.

So, finding the right Lift for your Mower can be hard. To help you get the perfect Lift for your Lawn Mower, we bring you this article. In this article, you will find our list of the best mower lift, and then you can choose the best one for yourself.

Best Lawn Mower Lift in 2023

Please take a look at our list of the best lawn mower lifts and find out which one is the best product for you.



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MoJack EZ Max
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MoJack XT
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MoJack MJPRO - Best Lawn Mower Lift

This is a heavy-duty lift that can lift your mower to 28″ high, and it can easily lift 750lbs of weight. Keep in mind that it is only for lifting the front side and not the mower’s whole weight.

The Lift has a wheel span of 31.5 inches to 62.5 inches, and it fits most of the Lawn Mowers and zero-turn mowers. You can attach the MoJack workbench for lifting the walk-behind mowers, but you have to buy it separately.

The Lift has two functions for lifting- manual and PowerDrill. With the manual function, you can lift the Mower with a hand crank; it allows you to lift the Mower at your own pace. This Lift is useful for repairing, cleaning any debris from under the deck, or maintaining many mowers and Lawn tractors.

The PowerDril functions help you to easily and quickly lift the Mower.

This Lift also features a self-braking winch that makes lifting quick and easy doesn’t matter how many times you use it. The safety lock ensures your safety and prevents the Mower from slipping while you are doing any maintenance.

The Lift flat folds to store it in a smaller place or hang it on the wall.

This heavy-duty Lift from MoJack has the power to lift most of the Lawn Mowers and tractors, and it doesn’t take much space for storage. This is an excellent choice for you if you a heavy Riding or Zero-turn Lawn Mower with large wheels. With a few attachments, it can also be used for maintaining the small push mowers.

It has a manual lifting function and it also supports a power drill.

  • Wide Wheel Span
  • Works Great for Heavy-duty Lawn Mowers
  • Manual lift
  • Supports Power Drill
  • Easily Foldable
  • It is a bit Costly

MoJack EZ Max

MoJack EZ Max - Mower Lift

This lift is a fantastic choice for you as it can easily lift 450lbs of weight. It offers two options for lifting- you can manually lift by using the hand crank or use the PowerDrill that makes it easier to lift your mower. It uses a unique clutch that provides enough torque to lift a heavy-duty Lawn Mower or tractor and ensures easy lifting.

This Lift is only for lifting the front of the Mower and not the whole Mower.

The Lift has an automatic safety system that keeps the Mower in place while you do your work. The safety system disengages very easily with a smooth release handle so you can lower your Mower quickly.

This Lift has 18.7 inches to 47.5 inches wheel span that can fit most of the riding and zero-turn mowers.

The Lift has a maximum lifting height of 24 inches, and it can be used for repairing, sharpening the blade, and some regular maintenance of the Mower. The patented design on this Lift makes it easier to assemble.

The Lift is easily foldable so that you can store it in a tight space, and it won’t take much space in your garage or shed.

This Lift comes with a robust design and offers ease of use. This Lift is much safer to use than car ramps or bricks, and you can use the manual or PowerDrill function as you please.

The wheel span is enough for most of the mowers and Lawn tractors.

  • Ideal wheel span
  • PowerDrill function
  • Can lift Mannualy
  • Easily Foldable
  • Safety System
  • Lowering the lift is Difficult on some units


High-Lift Lawn Mower Lift

This lift can lift 300lbs of weight and up to 25″ high. This is an ideal choice for medium-sized Riding Lawn Mowers and ATVs. With this lift, you can quickly repair your mower, change the blades or do some necessary maintenance of the mower or ATV.

Five-position wheel width adjustment allows you to change the wheel span from 36 inches to 51 inches.

There is also a six-position wheel saddle depth adjustment that helps to fit different sizes of tires. So you don’t have to worry about your Mower’s tires being too small or too big; this Lift can handle it.

The nylon wheels provide better maneuverability and make it easier to move the Lift from one place to another.

A Three-position safety lock provides extra safety while doing maintenance on your Mower. The Lift is easily foldable so that you can store it in a smaller place. You have to remove a pin to fold the Lift.

This Lift has a powerful heavy-duty hydraulic pump that easily lifts many types of Lawn Mowers and ATVs. You can use the foot padel to lift the tool you want quickly and effortlessly.

The wheel saddle depth adjustment is a plus and wheel span adjustment is very useful for using with different types of mowers.

  • Amazing Performance
  • Great for Riding Lawn Mowers and ATVs
  • Three Position Safety Lock
  • Wheel saddle depth adjustment
  • Powerful Hydraulic Pump
  • Some components are not Very Durable


Pro-Lift - One of the Best Lawn Mower Lift

This is a Heavy-duty lift that can lift 500lbs, and it is suitable for many Riding and Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers. This Lift and the wheels are built with welded steel that provides durability while lifting different Mowers types.

You can lift the front of your Mower to 26 inches, which is an ideal height. It makes this lift the right choice for blade sharpening, cleaning debris from the blades, and regular maintenance.

This Lift has a 19-1/4″ to 42-1/2″ wheel span, and it is adjustable. It can easily lift most of the Lawn Mowers, ATVs, and some push mowers.

Lifting your Mower with this Lift is relatively easy and effortless. The hydraulic foot padel helps to lift any weight very quickly. There are also dual safety locks so you can lift your Mower and do your work without any worries.

For lifting your Lawn Mower on this Lift, you have to place the front wheels on the Lift’s wheel basket and use the foot padel. To lower the Lift, raise the Lift a bit to disengage the safety locks, then use the release knob to turn the release valve counter-clockwise and slowly lower the Mower.

The Lift has a rubber platform, so your Mower doesn’t get damaged while using this tool.

This Lift offers convenience and safety, along with exceptional performance. It is easy to use and maneuver with the steel wheel and a user-friendly design. It supports a wide range of mowers and ATVs.

This Lift comes with a 90 days warranty.

  • Safety Lock
  • Easy to Use
  • Can lift up to 500lbs
  • Wheel span is adjustable
  • Takes more space for storage
  • Bad packaging

MoJack XT

MoJack XT Lawn Mower Lift

This lift is handy for repairing or doing some regular maintenance of the mower. This tool can lift almost every Lawn Mower with a weight of up to 500lbs, and the maximum lifting height is 25 inches.

The wheel span ranges from 31.5 inches to 61.5 inches, which should be enough to lift different types and sizes of the Mower. This Lift is for use on big riding/zero-turn mowers, golf carts, and ATVs, but you can attach MoJack’s workbench to use it with push mowers and some other small tasks.

You have to buy the MoJack’s workbench separately.

The lifting operation is quite easy and convenient, and you can choose to lift with a hand crank manually, or you can use a power drill that will help you lift more quickly.

The Lift folds flat for easy and compact storage. You can also hang it on the wall if you have limited space in your garage.

While using a Lawn Mower lift, you have to be sure that the Lift has safety features. This Lift features a screw jack and safety pin for added safety. These features prevent the Mower from slipping and being unstable.

If you want a lift for regular maintenance and repairing of the Lawn Mower this lift can help you with that. It offers amazing performance and extra safety for you, so you don’t get hurt while repairing the Mower.

  • Can lift weight Up to 500lbs
  • Easy and Compact Storage
  • Safety pin and Screw jack
  • Universal fit for Most of the Mowers
  • Offers Wide Wheel Span
  • Assembly can be a little Hard

Over To You

If you own a Riding Lawn Mower, you know the convenience and amazing performance that comes with it. Riding and Zero-turn mowers make mowing in a big lawn very easy, but you need to take care of them to get the best performance for a longer time.

Lawn Mowers are great tools for Lawn Care, and they help you get your Lawn Clean, but they need to be repaired and have maintenance once in a while. These lifts help you with that.

You can choose from our list of the Best Lawn Mower Lifts and give your Mower the care that it needs to work properly.

Let me know if this article has what you are looking for. If you buy any of the products on the list, don’t be shy to tell me about your experience with it.

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