Best Push Mower For The Money – Which one to Buy?

Overgrown grass can make your Lawn look messy and unattractive, so you often need to take care of tall and thick grass. Lawn Mower is the best tool to take care of the overgrown grass.

The Lawn Mower is an essential part of garden management. It keeps the garden clean of overgrown grass and small weeds.

Nowadays, there are so many features available in the Lawn Mower for convenient mowing. These features help you with much more comfortable and effective mowing operations, but they can also increase the cost of the Lawn Mower.

So how can you get all the features in a mower that you need at a low price?

In this article, you will learn about Best Lawn Mower that can fit in your budget and provide you with all the features that you need.

Best Push Mower For The Money – GardenDiscover

Here are some of the Best Lawn Mowers that are the most cost-efficient and effective for mowing your Lawn.



Best Overall
GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower(25022)
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Best Features
Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower
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Best Value
Greenworks Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower (25302)
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Honda Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower (HRR216K9VKA)
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EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower (LM2001-X)
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Troy-Bilt 163cc Self-Propelled Lawn Mower (TB330)
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Yard Machines 140cc Push Mower
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BLACK+DECKER Corded Lawn Mower(MM2000)
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Husqvarna Self-Propelled Mower (HU800AWDH)
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Poulan Pro 140cc Mower (PR500N21SH)
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Snapper 190cc Push Lawn Mower (2185020 / 7800979)
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GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower(25022)


This is one of the best Corded Lawn Mowers. It has a 12 Amp motor with a 20-inch deck that makes your mowing operation effortless and more effective. The 20″ steel deck is very durable while mowing around hard objects.

For different types of grass in your Lawn, you have 7-position height adjustments that you can change according to your needs with a single lever. Now you can take care of grass that sizes 1-1/2 To 3-3/4 inches in your Lawn without any problems.

This Lawn Mower is very lightweight, which along with the large wheels, makes it super easy to maneuver the mower around the Lawn.

This 3-in-1 Lawn Mower offers you excellent cutting, and then you have the option to mulch, discharge, or bag the clippings. Mulching in this Mower is impressive, and the rear collection bag is very easy to attach and detach.

This Lawn Mower offers you great convenience as it has push-button start no need to pull any lever several times to get the thing started. This feature makes mowing a lot easier for elderly people as it is also very lightweight.

This Lawn Mower has foldable hands, so you won’t have any problems putting it in the garage after using it or storing it in the off-seasons.

If you want a lightweight Lawn Mower for a smaller lawn, this is the right product for you. It cuts very well and gives you three options to deal with the grass clippings. It is very easy to use and has a great price that can fit your budget.

You’ll get 4 years warranty with this lawn-mower.

  • Best for small Lawns
  • 7-Position Height Adjustments
  • Lightweight
  • 3-in-1 Mower
  • Cord stay is Not very good
  • Motor is Not Sealed so is gets Dirty while using

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower


If you don’t want to hassle with recharging and to refuel your Lawn Mower, then this electric Lawn Mower is the one for you. It comes with a powerful 13 Amp motor, which helps to mow your lawn without any interruption or extra hard work.

The deck contains a 14″ steel blade that has excellent durability and gives precise and even cut. You have the option to bag the grass clippings with the 10.6 gal bag or discharge them through the chute on the side of the Lawn Mower.

The rear collection bag is very efficient for collecting the grass clippings, and it is rather small but detaches quickly without putting too much effort. The discharge chute is useful while cutting tall grass as it can quickly discharge the clippings and prevent the Mower from clogging.

No need to worry about different sizes of grown grass with this Lawn Mower; you can change the cutting height with three-position height control. Along with the grass, you can also take care of small weeds, vines, and plants with This Lawn Mower.

It is very easy to start the Mower; just push a button and pull the lever and go no with the mowing. This Lawn Mower is mostly made out of plastic components that makes it lightweight and easy to maneuver but also less durable.

Mower’s deck size lets you mow in hard to reach places like around the tree or shrubs.

If you have a medium-sized lawn and want a Lawn Mower that can handle tall and thick grass in your Lawn, you should go with this product. The steel blade is very durable, Low-priced, and it cuts like a champ. Mow your Lawn as long as you want to with this capable Corded Lawn Mower.

You will get two years of warranty with this product.

  • Easy to Start and Manuever
  • Good Price
  • Height Control
  • Great for samll and Medium-sized Lawn
  • Durable Steel Blade
  • Easy detcheble Bag
  • Plastic Components
  • There is not a Mulching option
  • Bag is small

Greenworks Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower (25302)


This cordless Lawn Mower comes with a 4Ah and 2Ah G-Max lithium-ion 40v batteries that are more than enough to mow your Lawn properly. The mower switches to the 2Ah back up battery if the first one drains so that you can have an uninterrupted operation.

There is also an on-board battery indicator that lets you know if the battery is fully charged.

The 20″ deck of this Mower offers the best maneuverability, and it is suitable for mowing in a mid-sized lawn. The Mower has double blades, which help with getting the perfect cut. It also helps with better mulching and bagging.

If your Lawn has several types of thickness in the grass, this Lawn Mower is excellent for you as it has the innovative smart cut technology that adjusts for the power and runtime based on the thickness of the grass. It helps to get the job done with less charge and effort.

You can adjust the cutting height with five-position height adjustments with the help of a single lever. The height adjuster ranges from 1-3/4″ to 3-3/8″ so you can easily cut different sizes of grass.

This Lawn Mower is lightweight and easy to assemble and use. If you own a small or mid-sized lawn that has different types of grass, this lawn-mower is the perfect choice for you. You can have the height that you want and mow your Lawn for a longer time with two batteries. The dual-blade will help you get superior cutting, mulching, and bagging.

This Lawn Mower comes with a 4-year warranty, and the batteries have a 2-years warranty.

  • Dual-Battery support
  • Twin-force Blades
  • Easy to change Different Height Position
  • Smart Cut Technology
  • Easy and accurate Maneuverbility
  • Not for Bigger Lawns

Honda Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower (HRR216K9VKA)


It is very hard sometimes to push a mower around if you have rather a bigger lawn. If you feel the same way this Honda Self-propelled Lawn Mower is going to be very useful for you. It comes with a Honda GCV 160cc single-cylinder Four-streak engine that is powerful enough to take care of your big lawn.

The engine has Auto-Choke for easy and quick starting. The carb and EPA compliant components make sure you don’t suffer from any more emissions than you need to for using a gas engine.

It has a 21″ durable steel mowing deck with micro cut twin blades that offer the most exceptional cutting and mulching. The twin blades cut grass more efficiently and faster. It saves a lot of time and delivers the best mowing operation.

Along with the finest mulching, you also have the option to collect or discharge the grass clippings. With a knob to slide, switching between options is too easy. The bag that comes with this mower is big enough to collect

You can just slide the knob to choose between mulching, bagging or discharge

Smart drive feature offers you variable speed options from 0 to 4 Mph. It helps with mowing on uneven terrain. The mower adapts the speed as you navigate the mower around your Lawn.

If you got different types of grass in your Lawn, you can mow them easily with six different height positions and make your Lawn more clean and even. You can choose the cutting height from 3-1/4″ to 4″.

The Zone Start safety stops the engine as soon as you leave the flywheel lever.

The mower has four 8″ wheels with rear ball bearing for better maneuverability. The handle is foam coated that provides great comfort and control. The handle is foldable so you can easily transport and store the mower.

The manual fuel shut-off valve prevents any leakage during storage or transportation.

Too many useful and convenient features, it is hard not to get this mower as soon as you know about it. The GCV engine offers great performance and it is durable for many years. Smart Drive and Auto-choke give you the advantage of effortless mowing. If you like a heavy-duty tool this mower will surely meet your expectations.

  • GCV engine with Auto-choke
  • Smart Drive
  • Easy switching between Mulch, Bag and, Discharge
  • Twin Blades give Finest Cutting and Mulching
  • Can cut grass up to 4″ high
  • Durable Deck and Blades
  • Creates Noises

EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower (LM2001-X)


This Lawn mower provides the power of a gas engine without the noise and fumes. Ego power+ uses a 56v battery that is designed with Arc-lithium tachnology that delivers extreme power and longer runtime. This battery is compatible with all EGO Power+ products.

This 7.1 Ah battery has a rapid charging feature that allows it to charge in only 20-30 minutes fully.

The 20″ deck is capable of cutting different types of grass in your Lawn. No matter the size, this lawn-mower can take on tall grass as well as small thin grass, but you may need to overlap a few times. I won’t recommend using this on wet grass, though.

It only takes a push to button to start this lawn-mower.

You also have different height positions with this lawn-mower, so you don’t have to worry about the size of the grass, and your Lawn will be even after mowing. Changing cutting height in this Mower is quite easy; it is just like changing gear in a car.

It is very lightweight and easy to move around. This Lawn Mower has a rear bag for collection for grass clippings that is more than big enough to collect all the cuttings on a small lawn. You can also mulch the clippings or discharge them through the side chute.

The components of this lawn mower are made with quality plastic materials that offer incredible durability, but that doesn’t make it heavy like other mowers that have steel components.

It is also easily foldable, so it takes less space for storage. There are two headlights on the front side of the Mower, which helps in mowing in the evening or early morning, and you don’t have to worry about noise also as it is so quiet that your family inside your house can’t even hear you mowing.

This Mower has a weather-resistant design, so no matter what the clouds have in mind but that won’t affect your Lawn Mowing operation. The plastic deck prevents any rust from reaching the blades.

If you like the freedom and convenience of a cordless Lawn Mower but also want the power of a gas engine, this is the Best Lawn Mower for You. The weather doesn’t affect it, and it is very effective and easy to use.

You will get a 5-year warranty on the Mower and 3-years warranty on the battery.

  • Easy to use and Durable Design
  • Great battery Power
  • Weather-resistant
  • Rapid charger
  • The Headlights
  • Customer Service is not very Good

Troy-Bilt 163cc Self-Propelled Lawn Mower (TB330)


If you are tired of pushing your Lawn Mower around your lawn then get this Lawn-mower for more convenience. Powered by 163cc Briggs and Stratton engine this Self-propelling mower very powerful and it comes with a lot of features.

The engine has ReadyStart technology that helps to get the mower to start quickly without priming.

This Lawn Mower comes with a 21″ Tri-Action cutting system gives an even and clean cut. You don’t need to overlap too many times with this mower; you will get the best results in the first try. The deck also has an integrated

For your convenience and comfort, this mower has four-speed settings. You can change the speed of the mower according to your needs with the help of variable speed drive control using a single lever. This feature gives you full control over the mower so you can mow your Lawn based on the shape and size of your Lawn.

You get four 8×8 inches wheels, and an ergonomic handle helps to better maneuver and control. You can cut the grass with less effort, and then you can have them discharged, bagged, or you can discharge them through the side chute.

This self-propelling mower is easy to use. The height adjustment is a single lever operation so you can choose between 6-positions and get your desired cutting height with ease.

Sometimes the grass clippings stuck under the deck and clog the blades; you dont have to worry about them with this mower. There is a washer port on the deck, so you can just attach the hose and clear out any type of debris and save your blade from clogging.

This Self-propelled Lawn Mower delivers excellent performance at a very good price. There are so many useful features that can make your mowing experience great. So if you want to try any self-propelled mowers, maybe you can start with this product.

You get 3-years of warranty on this Lawn Mower.

  • Tri-Action Cutting System
  • Powerfull Engine with ReadyStart Technology
  • Washer Port
  • Easy Height Adjustments
  • Great for using in Mid-sized Lawn
  • Rear wheels are Too small

Yard Machines 140cc Push Mower


This lawn-mower has a very simple design and it is very easy to use. This Lawn-mower comes with a powerful and effective 140cc OHV 4-cycle engine to get the job done more quickly and tackle any tough tasks along the way.

This Lawnmower has the power to cut most of the thick grass in a small and medium-sized lawn.

This Mower is equipped with 20″ deck that cuts grass more efficiently and discharge the clippings. It also helps to get in tough spots like around a hedge or shrub.

You can also adjust the cutting height from 1.25 to 3.75 inches for taking care of different types of grass. You will get three height positions that you can change quickly based on the type of grass in your Lawn.

For a gas-powered Lawn Mower that basically carries the engine and fuel, It is very lightweight to push around in a lawn.

This Lawn Mower has 7×7 inches of uniform front and rear wheels for better maneuverability. It comes with a sturdy loop handle that makes it easier to navigate the Mower and provides you with great comfort.

If you are looking for a lightweight gas-powered Lawn Mower with great cutting capacity, this might be the product. It cuts grass and discharges them immediately without any fuss. You can adjust your cutting height to several height positions, and it doesn’t costs much.

You have 1-year limited warranty on this product. If you wish to see more gas-powered Lawn Mowers click here

  • Simple Design
  • Great for using in a small lawn
  • Powerful Engine
  • Great Cutting Capacity
  • No Option for mulching or Bagging
  • Not for Bigger Lawns

BLACK+DECKER Corded Lawn Mower(MM2000)


If you have grass around fencing and flower beds this Lawn Mower can help you with mowing around objects with the EdgeMax technology. Now you don’t have to worry about the deck getting damaged while using the mower around the fences or other objects.

It comes with a 13Ah motor that provides enough power to tackle tough jobs around your Lawn. The 20″ blade can easily cut the grass, and then you can choose to collects the clippings, mulch, or discharge them.

If you choose to collect the grass clippings, the 13 gallons all nylon grass collection bag will be more than enough to collect all the clippings in your Lawn.

It has a convenient handle that gives the advantage of easily carrying it around, and it is foldable, so it takes less space for storage. If you have limited space in your storage room, this lawn-mower will not bother you at all.

The 7-position height adjustment is very easy to use and effective; you can change the cutting height from 1/2 to 4 inches with a single lever. The handle also has two height positions, so it doesn’t matter if you are big or small; you can use this Lawn Mower with maximum convenience.

This Lawn Mower is very lightweight and easy to maneuver.

You won’t hear loud noises like gas lawn-mowers as it is very quiet. This can help you if you live in a restricted noise area or in the morning when all your neighbors are sleeping and don’t want to be disturbed.

This is a perfect lawn mower for you if you like to have a powerful electric Lawn Mower that can offer you different options for dealing with the grass clippings. It is very compact for storage and height-adjustments are very useful. This Lawn Mower is not going to cost you much and based on the features the price will be worth it.

If you want to some more cost-efficient push Lawn Mowers, you can read our article about Best Push Mower Under 300$

  • Powerful Motor
  • 7-position height adjustments
  • Quiet and Easy to use
  • 3-in-1 Feature
  • Comaponents are not Strong

Husqvarna Self-Propelled Mower (HU800AWDH)


With the Honda GCV 190cc four-cycle engine this heavy-duty Lawn Mower is extremely powerful and very good at handling tough tasks. Four cycle engine saves the trouble of mixing fuel with oil and prevents you from sabotaging the engine by mixing in wrong ratio.

The engine produces preset 3000 RPM that is enough for cutting grass in a mid-sized lawn.

The mower has different cutting options. The 22″ steel mowing deck cuts grass easily and provides durability. You can choose from mulching, bagging, or discharging options to deal with grass clippings.

BioClip (Mulch) option lets you cut the grass in tiny pieces and release them on to the Lawn for fertilization.

This Lawn Mower has an all-wheel-drive feature that offers more drive to the mower and saves you a lot of time and effort along the way. The front wheel is 8,” and the rear wheel is 11″ with the ball bearing for great maneuverability on uneven terrain.

Variable drive speed lets you decide the pace of mowing. You can change different speeds by squeezing the trigger on the handle.

Three-position handle height adjustments let you mow according to your needs. There are also four cutting height options that you can choose based on the type of grass in your Lawn.

The water hose connector helps to get the deck clean more quickly.

This Lawn Mower comes with a powerful self-propelling system and an effective GCV 190cc engine. So if you want a durable Lawn Mower that can do the mowing conveniently this lawn-mower will make you happy.

  • Strong Deck
  • WaterHose connector
  • Powerful 190cc Engine
  • Variable Speed
  • All-Wheel-Drive(AWD)
  • Bigger Rear Wheels offer Great Maneuverability
  • Hard to Pull Back

Poulan Pro 140cc Mower (PR500N21SH)


If you want to buy a gas-powered Lawn Mower which is powerful but lightweight and compact this is the best one that you are going to find in the market. This Lawn Mower has a 140cc Briggs and Stratton engine that gives the mower excellent power.

The 21″ deck is great for cutting grass and then mulching and discharging them. Discharging the grass clippings on the Lawn makes the Lawn more healthy.

The cutting deck is made of steel that makes it more durable, and it can cut grass up to 3.44 inches tall. You will also have 4-point height adjustments for cutting different types of grass.

The High rear wheels make it more convenient to move the lawn-mower around the Lawn, and it can maneuver easily on any terrain. The engine is very fuel-efficient and lightweight, which also helps with better maneuverability.

You can use this 2-in-1 Lawn Mower on medium-sized or bigger Lawns without any problem. It provides you with enough features for this price.

The Briggs and Stratton engine is very reliable and gives the mower better durability.

  • Powerfull and Durable Engine
  • Great Deck size
  • Easy Operation
  • Good Maneuverability
  • Height adjustments don’t work correctly on the back wheel

Snapper 190cc Push Lawn Mower (2185020 / 7800979)


This Lanw Mower brings a Briggs and Stratton 190cc engine with ReadyStart tachnology for easy starting that needs no priming or choking. This Briggs and Stratton 850 series engine is powerfull enough to take care of your lawn’s grass.

This 190cc OHV engine offers less noise and more durability.

21″ fourteen Guage deck cuts grass easily and the HI-Vac technology creates enough vacuum or lift while mowing for easy discharging and mulching. With a blade unique blade and rolled deck edge, this mower creates enough suction for lifting grass.

This feature improves cutting and mulching quality. You can also use this to pick up leaves on your Lawn.

You have seven different cutting height options to choose the best cutting height for your Lawn. Changing between heights is too easy with one lever at the side of the front wheel.

The product has a 3-years warranty starting from the date of the purchase.

The Mower is very compact, and you can store it in a place with less space. The back 10″ rear wheel will help you put less effort into pushing the Lawn Mower and provides easy maneuverability.

If you have a small lawn and want a heavy-duty mower for thick debris in your lawn this Lawn Mower can take care of it for you. If you like to mulch and discharge the clippings this is the best you are going to find.

  • Effective and Powerful 190cc Engine
  • 7 different Height Position
  • Hi-Vac Technology
  • Graet for using is a small lawn
  • No oil filter in the Engine

Over To You

Technology is advancing and you need to take advantage so get the best push mower for the money that you can find. These extra features make the mowing effortless and less time-consuming.

Several brands offer exceptional performance and durability with a lot of additional features. Don’t pay extra for the features that you can get for a lesser price. Choose the one that you need from our list and get to mowing your Lawn.

Let me know about the product that you choose and your experience with it.

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