Best Shades for Riding Lawn Mower – Top Picks

Everyone loves a beautiful and neat garden, but it becomes a back-breaking job when needed to be done manually. This job is made easier with different types of tools, which largely varies in sizes. And with that comes the job of keeping them in the right conditions to last for years.

When we talk about gardening machines, one of the essential ones is the riding lawnmower. And you want it to keep it in some dry and cool place, where it can be protected from rain or scorching sun. Moreover, you also want to keep your belongings to some safe place. For that purpose, you need a storing shed that can not only protect your mowers but also can give sheds to other gardening tools.

It is a small house containing a single room with a door and windows and a slanting roof to cover the top.

These sheds are excellent and durable choices when it comes to storing. So, here we have selected a few best shed for riding lawn mowers and added a review of each.

7 Best Shades for Riding Lawn Mower

Rubbermaid Outdoor Slide-Lid Storage Shed 1800005

Rubbermaid Outdoor Slide-Lid Storage Shed 1800005

If you are searching for a budget-friendly solution for storing your riding lawn mower, this shed from Rubbermaid is the ideal product.

As for the internal dimension, the shed has a length of 72 inches complemented with a width of 52 inches. It stands to the height of 42 inches, which gives the shed a storing capacity of 96 cubic ft. With the shed’s careful design plan, this outdoor shed secures ample space to hold everything from long-handled gardening tools to riding lawnmowers.

This model is equipped with two doors that open wide to allow the garden wheeler’s easy movement in and out of the shed. Furthermore, the roof section is built on the rollers so that you can easily slide the lid back. The wide-open space offers easy access to the items placed in the back of the shed.

When it comes to its construction, the shed is made from a polypropylene resin material which imparts rigidity. Its thick, double-walled feature is dent and leak-proof and can withstand the abuse of all kinds of weather. So, if it gets dirty, you can wash off the dirt with water, making it a low-maintenance product. Moreover, you don’t need to paint or add a preserver to the walls as wood and steel made shed requires. These features make the shed usable for year-round.

For the flooring, it is built for heavy-duty purposes that don’t get fracture under massive forces. The shed’s doors come with an unusual cane bolt locking mechanism which locks the doors and roofs securely. But the lock needs to be bought separately.

Additionally, the shed comes with eight built-in wall anchors, which allows you more space to store other gardening tools. You can install pegboards, shelves, or racking components that come with an extra price.

The product is delivered in parts, so you need to take up the pain of assembling. It requires an adequate amount of time if you decide to do it all alone.

But the most crucial part you need to set up a solid foundation before putting on the shed. You can choose between a concrete base or a wooden structure base according to your preference.

  • Has sliding roofs
  • Heavy-duty and impact-resistant floor
  • Weather-resistant
  • Customizable shelving walls
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Ideal size for low profile storage
  • The top lid needs physical lifting from the middle
  • Assembling can be challenging

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Shed

This storage shed is ideally designed for the storage of large outdoor equipment and gardening tools. It has an exterior dimension of 87 x 86 x 94 inches with an interior measurement of 87 x 86 x 94 inches.

This 7 x 7 feet storage shed is built with the same heavy-duty polythene, which imparts durability and strength. The shed also has a double-walled feature, like other sheds on our list. It makes it more potent and resistant to inclement weather, whether its heavy downpour or sun-damage.

The most striking feature of this model is its wide door opening. When the door is opened, you will get 60.8 inches of wide space to move the garden wheelers in and out without any hassle.

The flooring part is designed to be impact-resistant, which means it can let the riding mower run on it without fissure.

The plastic materials in the walls allow you to wash them with water when it gets dirty. And it will neither rot like the wooden shed nor will get rusted and corroded like the metal one. So, it saves you from the pain of painting or treating the shade with preserver, which makes the shed a low-maintenance product.

Like the models from Suncast, this model from Roughneck also has windows installed in the door. Its function is to enhance the entry of natural light inside the shed. So, searching for any tools or gadgets inside the shed will not be a difficult task.

Moreover, it also has air vents on the shed’s rear side, which allows the quality airflow. So, during those summer days, the shed temperature will have a well-maintained temperature instead of getting too warm.

For safety purposes, the Roughneck manufacturer has made two hooks on the doors, allowing you to hang a padlock.

This product is also too big to come assembled, which makes you take up joining the pieces parts by parts. The job is too big to be done alone, so extra assistance will never be a bad option.

Like any other polythene made shed, this shed also requires a foundation to set on. The material for the foundation comes separately.

  • Wide door opening of 60.8 inches
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Added security
  • Weather-resistant
  • Impact-resistant floor
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Screws don’t fit the holes
  • Installation of the roof requires two people

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

When you are looking for a sturdy, low maintained, and secure storage shed for your riding mower, Suncast can be the ideal solution for you.

The storage shed’s exterior dimension is 13 ft 2-¾ inches in length and 8 ft 4-½ inches in width. It stands to a height of 8 ft & inches, giving a storage capacity of 883 cubics feet.

Suncast manufactures storage shed that can accommodate riding mowers from all the popular brands. Moreover, it has additional space so that you can store other essential gardening accessories. Furthermore, the shed offers built-in support to hold wooden shelves, which allows you to store more items.

The shed is built with multi-walled polypropylene resins panels, which impart rigidity, stability, and durability. Moreover, the shed can be cleaned, and it would neither rot like the wooden one nor would get rust like the metal steel shed. So, this shed requires very low maintenance, which is an effortless job.

The shed offers a spacious door opening of 60 inches x 72 inches with such a physical dimension. And such a comprehensive double door feature provides a convenient movement of the riding lawn mower in and out without any hassle. It has two windows installed on the doors, which allows the entry of light into the shed. Furthermore, the illumination inside the shed is enhanced with the installation of eight skylights in the roof. The air vents are added to the upper portion of the front and back sides, which improves the interior’s airflow.

As for security, the doors feature a padlock hasp that allows you to lock the doors securely.

The shed has been designed with heavy-duty flooring, which can withstand the weight of heavy gardening tools and wheelers like mowers, tractor, etc.

Suncast’s exterior is built to withstand the rainwater, U.V. rays, and other weather conditions. Its roof is designed in shingle-style with solid plastic, which is supported by a neat metal system.

The product is delivered with detailed instructions about putting the parts together. The process of assembling needs few hours depending on the experience and the available tools. Two elders can conveniently complete it. As a final call, Suncast has created the shed in a stylish manner that can complement any outdoor environment.

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Weather-proof
  • Has built-in spaces for wooden shelves
  • Needs low-maintenance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish product
  • Needs to build a foundation separately which is expensive
  • Doors don’t get appropriately shut

Suncast BMS6810D

Suncast BMS6810D

This model is perfect if you have got an averaged-size riding lawn mower and don’t want to sacrifice much of the garden space for its storage. It has an exterior dimension of 8 feet 1-¾ inches in length and 6 feet 2-¾ inches in width with 7 feet 8-¾ inches in height.

The interior dimension measures 7 feet 9-½ inches in length, 5 feet 9-½ inches in width, and 7 feet 6-¼ inches in height. It offers 306 cubic feet storage capacity, spacious enough to store riding mowers and other gardening tools like a rake, trimmers, other long-handles tools, ladders, etc. The door opening has a dimension of 57 inches in width by 72 inches in height, wide enough for the mowers or tractors’ easy entry.

The shed’s wall is made from polypropylene material and is designed as multi-wall panels, which impart rigidity and stability. Even you can wash the walls with water without worrying about its getting rusted or rotted. When it comes to the shed’s roof, it is made from metal-reinforced panels. Furthermore, the shingle-style of the top can withstand the abuse of snow and don’t allow its deposition. The overall roof’s structure is designed to be sturdy and durable. So, the shed’s comprehensive design can withstand all weather elements and be water-resistant, and U.V. protected.

As for the flooring, it is built with sturdy enough to store bulky items without getting critters.

Both the doors have transom windows installed in them, which allows the entry of natural light inside the shed. The roof has a series of skylights which enhance the illumination and offers convenient and easy navigation. And for the proper airflow, the shed is fitted with air vents on the top part.

When it comes to security, the doors are equipped with padlock hasp, allowing you to lock the valuables safely.
The shed is designed classically to complement the looks of any outdoor environment. Moreover, the door and the roof have wood grain texture, which imparts it a refined look.

The product is delivered unassembled, so you need to join it parts by parts. Assembling is simple with detailed instruction and accessible bolt technology, and you will require minimal tools for the purpose. But extra help will reduce the assembling time.

Just like all other sheds, it also requires a foundation construction whose material is not included in the product.

  • Multi-walls panels offer strength and stability
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Enhance the appearance of the garden
  • Have vents for good airflow
  • Windows and skylight provides natural lighting
  • Requires to build foundation separately
  • The roof has a fitting problem
  • Pre-made holes don’t line up

ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box

ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box

This product suits you if you have a tight budget to take care of, but don’t want to compromise quality.

It is equipped with an all-steel metal frame that stands with a dimension of 6 ft x 6 ft x 6 ft, which has a thickness of 1-⅜ inches. It has an internal size of 5’8” ft x 5’9” ft x 5’11” ft offering a storage capacity of approximately 36 sq feet.

It is sufficiently spacious to hold garden tools like snowblowers, mowers, snowmobiles, ATVs, pool items, etc.
The metal frame has a premium powder-coated finish, which ensures its longevity. The coating prevents chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion, making the product suitable for year-round use.

The shed has a grey cover that is built with advanced triple-layer technology. The manufacturer has made the cover from woven polyethylene and heat-sealed it instead of using the stitch-sealing method. It offers maximum water resistance and makes the surface waterproof.

Moreover, to give maximum U.V. protection, the cover is treated from inside and outside. Additionally, it has fade blockers between the layers. All these features keep the color of the surface from fading away.

The cover has a high profile white interior, which enhances illumination inside the shed. It gives you the convenience of finding any tool quickly.

It has 7.5 oz PSM. So, the material is rigid enough to stand weather abuse but may get ripped if not handled carefully.

The ratchet system attached to the steel frame ensures that the cover gets a drum-tight and neat look. Furthermore, the easy slide cross rail system locks down and keeps the structure square up in the fabric’s perfect fitting position. The product comes with four auger anchors, 15 inches each, to secure the steel frame to the ground.

For the protection and privacy purpose, the product comes with an accessible double zippered door panel. It includes a back panel also.
This shed of ShelterLogic requires setting up, which will be easier if you take someone’s assistance.

  • The metal frame has a premium powder-coated finish
  • Cover’s triple-layer technology prevents ripping
  • Heat-sealed
  • Have high protection from UV rays
  • The shed comes in different sizes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Assembling is complicated due to unclear instructions
  • Not secure enough to store expensive tools

Keter Factor Storage Shed

Keter Factor Storage Shed

This storage shed is ideal for you if you are the owner of a medium-sized riding land mower and want to fix some space for other items too.

This model is pretty much like those of Suncast with just a few differences. So, it ultimately up to your preference with which you want to go.

It is designed to have an exterior dimension of 100.5 inches in length, 101.1 inches in width, and 95.5 inches in height. As for the interior measurements, the length is 93.5 inches with a width and height of 93 inches and 94 inches, respectively.

With such measurements, the shed has the storage of capacity of 420 cubic feet. It gives you enough space to store a mower and other gardening tools like trimmers, blowers, etc.

The door size is 54.5 inches by 77 inches, convenient enough for wheelers’ easy movement. But if compared with Suncast, it is a bit narrower.

Like any other storage shed, this model is also built from polypropylene resin plastic and steel reinforcement. This makes the product longlasting and tough. Similarly, it also is protected from U.V. rays; thus, its color remains intact for years.

It also remains to unravel, which maintains the shed looks new even after years of serving. Thus, this feature also saves you from the hassle of repainting outside and inside the product. Moreover, it can withstand the abuse of any weather and is fully water-resistant.

Unlike the Suncast sheds, this storage house has windows on the sidewalls, which allows the entrance of the natural light. Moreover, the illumination is enhanced by the continuous skylight that runs along the roof ridge. Similarly, the walls are washable and demand less maintenance to last long.

This shed also has air vents on the top walls that allow it to maintain a moderate temperature inside, required in the hot days. Like the Suncast, it also has a shingle-style roof that doesn’t allow the snow’s setting if you live in such places. It has a weight capacity of 15 PSF.

As for the flooring, it is strongly built and can hold up to 30 PSF, which means you can store pretty heavy machines in the shed.

Additionally, it comes with two shelves with brackets that add up to the storage space for small items.
With all these outstanding features, Keter Factor also designed the storage shed in a stylish wood-like texture that can match any outdoor look.

The door comes with two handles installed, which you can use for locking purposes.

In the end, it also requires assembling and a pre-built foundation for installation.

  • Comparably larger than Suncast
  • Full-length skylight
  • Comes with two shelves with brackets
  • Stylish look
  • Durable and rigid
  • Following instructions make the assembling easier
  • The door opening is narrower than Suncast
  • May face difficulty in putting the screws

Lifetime 6405

Lifetime 6405

This Lifetime model resembles a tiny home that can fit a riding mower and other tools like a ladder, trimmer, etc. conveniently. The measurement of its interior dimension is 114 inches in length, 90 inches in width, and 94 inches in height.

It is also made from high-density polypropylene that imparts rigidity and longevity to the shed.

This shed from Lifetime has four large skylights that allow natural lighting inside the room. Moreover, for additional illumination, it has one shatterproof window.

Two screened vents on the top part of the shed’s front and rear side allows the air to flow in and out. It can also help to maintain a moderate temperature even in the summer days.

This shed comes with a customizable shelving system, which means you can adjust the shelves according to your need and comfort.

The security of this storage shed is also good enough to keep your belongings safe. The door is made from high arched, steel-reinforced material that is sturdy and rigid. It is 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall and has the system of the internal latching mechanism, which keeps the doors locked. Moreover, it has got two handles that allow you to padlock the shed.

Lifetime 6405 has a high-pitched roof system. The walls support a-frame trusses that provide a headroom of 6 feet 8 inches. Furthermore, the steeply sloping roof is ideally designed for the quick drainage of snow and water.

It is built with a high-density polyethylene material that prevents the cracking, chipping, and peeling of the surface when it comes to flooring. Furthermore, the floor is slip-resistant and has a beveled edge. It is also resistant to oils and stain, which helps you keep the floor in the right conditions for years. All these features prevent the mower’s tire slipping or any accidental movements from the spilling of oils.

Like any other shed, it also needs to be assembled. Similarly, you need to set up a platform, either concrete or wooden, to set this shed.

  • Oil and stain-resistant flooring
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable
  • Sloping roof
  • Customizable shelving system
  • Has an internal latching system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Doors may not close properly
  • The wall is flimsy

What to look for before buying a Shade for Rding Lawn Mower?

Here is a simple guide that can be helpful for you while you make a purchasing decision. The first thing we have on our list is

The material of the Shed

This is the first and foremost thing you need to choose. The shed can be built from metal, wood, or plastic/resin, determining how rigid and durable it would be. The strength of the wall also determines if you can customize some extra shelves to the walls.

Metal Shed

The shed made from metals are conveniently strong and are available in different colors. They can be made from galvanized or vinyl-coated steel, which is first treated with paint to protect from rust and scratches.

These sheds can stands for years without being affected by the weather, given that you paint them from time to time to prevent rusting. Another thing is that they are much heavier and pricy compared to the other two types.

Usually, these sheds don’t have windows or air vents, so the inside of the shed can get suffocating if not opened frequently.


The woodsheds are mainly known for the stylish finish, which adds a class to your garden. It is sturdy and can support multiples hangers and shelves, and you can customize them to your own choice. Moreover, they can also stand U.V. rays and rainy or snowy days, but they need more maintenance than the other type. It would be best if you painted them frequently to prevent material from rotting or getting termites.

These types have windows and air vents that allow air and light in the room.

Plastic/Resin Shed

These sheds are made from different types of plastic, which makes them extremely weather-resistant. They are easy to assemble and require very low to no maintenance. You can wash the walls and floors with water, without worrying about getting rot or rust.

These types of sheds usually have double-walled panels which impart rigidity to them. Moreover, the typical feature of steel-reinforced doors for extra security, skylights, and windows for natural lighting makes them different.

Most of the sheds on our list are of resin material.

Fabric Covered Shed

These sheds are popular because of their low price and can provide shelter to your riding mower. Most of them are U.V. protected and water-resistant and doesn’t require a pre-made platform as its foundation. But they are not safe enough to store anything valuables. And as the walls are of fabrics, you can’t add extra shelves for your accessories. Moreover, it can’t stand any extreme weather conditions.

In our list, ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box is a fabric-covered shed.

So, each material has its benefits, which also determines its price and longevity. Most users prefer resin or polythene sheds as they feature many benefits and require very low maintenance. And if you want a woody texture, you can repaint them in such a manner.


Sheds come in different sizes, so; you must be aware of what size you need. The sizes can be divided into the following types


These shades have a size below 80 square feet. You can store a lawnmower and some gardening supplies like pots, bags of fertilizers, or even small tools like a ladder, rake, etc.


These sheds have sizes ranging from 90 yo 120 square feet. These can hold a bit more than the small one. That means along with a lawnmower, and you can fit a few bulky types of equipment like snow blowers, trimmers, etc.

Most of the shed on our list is medium-sized.


These sheds have a size ranging from 144 to 288 square fit. It can store a lot more than lawnmowers. It offers enough space so that you can turn the shed into a workshop or hobby room. While few gardening tools require wall space, most of them require the floor place for the storage. So, few shed manufacturers provide expansion kits so that you can customize the room according to your needs.


Another essential part that you must check before you order a storage shed. Almost all the storage sheds require a concrete or wooden foundation as their base. These platforms can be used as the floor, while some manufacturers provide high-resistant flooring and the shed that you can put on the platform. These floors are tough, preventing chipping or peeling of the surface due to heavy vehicles’ movements.

But when the flooring doesn’t include in the shed, you can purchase a floor kit separately.


Most of the resin and wood-made shed have a shingly or sloping roof which doesn’t allow the water or snow to sit. Few of the resin shades made metal-reinforced roofs that can stand the abuse of harsh weather.

Few of the metal made sheds have flat or very gentle sloppy roofs. They are sturdy enough and can drain the water, but it can let the snow sit and needs a manual push for falling.

Door opening

With the size of the shed varies its door’s measurement. It is important to check because the more expansive the door opening, the easier it would be to drive the mowers in and out.


Whether its metal shed or wooden shed or resin one, each of them requires assembling. But the construction of wooden one is much easier than the metal one because of their weight variation. Moreover, you can add extra screws in the wooden walls more easily. The resin or polyethylene sheds are also easy to build if you follow the assembling instructions accurately.

The job of assembling requires two adults and a few hours. But if you are unsure about the whole process, you can always hire an expert for that purpose, which would cost extra.

Additional features – Skylight and windows

The skylights and windows allow natural lightning inside the shed, helping you navigate or find items quickly. While the metals ones are devoid of them, few wood sheds have windows that allow illumination.

Most resin sheds have windows and skylights on the roofs. This also saves you from attaching any bulb in the shed.

Additional features – Air vents

The function of the air vents is to maintain a moderate temperate inside the shed. It becomes useful when you live in a hot and humid area.

Most of the resin sheds and a few wooden sheds are installed with air vents in the shed’s top part. Few have air vents on both front and rare sides, while some have only one air vent.

Final words

The storage sheds for the riding lawn mowers can vary widely, starting from the material and sizes to maintenance requirements. So, it’s your call to choose the most suitable one for you. Initially, we have shortlisted seven items for you, but you should determine the final depending on your backyard space and other requirements.

Most of our storage sheds are polypropylene resins made. We have chosen so because they are durable, stylish, extremely weather-resistant, and require very little maintenance. Moreover, the material doesn’t get rot or rust.

Additionally, we have added a buyer’s guide for knowing which features you need to focus on while purchasing a shed.

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