Best Tow Behind Fertilizer Spreader

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be a lot easier with simple gadgets and machines. One of the tools that come under this list is tow-behind fertilizer spreaders.

The utility of this tool is to spread the seeds, fertilizers, weed killers, salts, or ice melts evenly in your lawn. You can attach the spreader to the four-wheeler gardening tools like a mower, tractors, etc., which makes the spreader move.

The main component of this tool is its hopper, which stores the material to be spread. It remains supported by a steel frame with an axle in the front to fasten to other wheelers.

The spreaders can vary in shape and size and even in its capacity, which makes all the difference. And with the online sites providing so many options, choosing the right one is not easy.

So, here we have a few top picks of tow-behind spreaders to help you out to narrow down your purchasing options.

7 Best Tow Behind Fertilizer Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop - Best Tow Behind Spreader

This model is like a smaller version of a fertilizer spreader, which is ideal for an average-sized lawn. Scotts Spreader holds the capacity of broadcasting grass seeds and fertilizers covering up to 10,000 sq ft of your lawn.

It has a wide spreader of 22 inches, which scatters the component to the maximum coverage area with accuracy and uniformness. Moreover, it comes with the edge guard technology, which blocks one side of the hopper. It prevents the spilling up of seeds or fertilizers in your driveway or the other spots which don’t need them.

Scotts Turf Builder comes with a dial set with which you can manage the rate at which the content of the hopper is spread. These models have settings from 2 to 15, which can be adjusted according to the component size.

The product comes fully assembled and pre-calibrated, which saves you from the hassle of joining the parts manually. Thus, it comes equipped to treat your lawn instantly.

Moreover, to make the product durable, the hopper is made up of a heavy-duty frame. It also gives optimum stability to the tool. This spreader has two plastic-made wheels attached.

Scotts Spreader has a physical dimension of 47 inches of length, 32 inches of breadth, and 18 inches of height with a total weight of 12.6 pounds. It is fairly lightweight with a foldable handle which allows you to push it by hand with ease.

  • Has edge guard technology
  • Has 22 inches of spread width
  • Lightweight
  • Comes assembled
  • Ideal for average-sized lawn
  • Cheaply made
  • Not durable

Scotts Elite Spreader

Scotts Elite Spreader

This model has the best accurate spreader among all the Scotts models. It comes with a dual rotor technology which gives the model the most accuracy. Moreover, the spreader has 6 feet broad spread pattern which scatters the contents to a wider area, thus saving your time.

It is designed to hold up 20,000 sq feet of contents at a time, which means you can cover a large area collectively. The model can be used to scatter seeds, salt, fertilizers, and ice melt.

This Scott model is equipped with two never-flat tires i.e.; they are filled with foam, so they never get flat. Each tire has a width of 10 inches that gives a better balance to the spreader to move smoothly over any terrain.

The item has a physical dimension of 7.25 x 7.25 x 5.50 inches with a light weight of 19.75 pounds. It has an ergonomic handle, which makes the manual towing of the spreader easier and comfortable. Moreover, it allows a space for holding your smartphone so that you can enjoy some music or news while doing this monotonous job.

Scattering seeds or salts is much easier with this model of Scotts, just requires a little assembling while loading with coarse rock salt. The agitator pin must be removed from the hopper before spreading coarse rock salt.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide wheels
  • Comes with a smartphone holder
  • Comes with an edge guard
  • Can spread dry material only
  • It leaves lines on the yard

Agri-Fab 45-0463

Agri-Fab 45-0463

This model is a tow behind spreader which can be howled by the tractors or mowers. It has a hopper of 130 lbs capacity which can load enough materials to cover 25,000 sq feet.

Its hopper is made up of poly material, which not only makes the spreader sturdy and long-lasting but also lightweight.

The hopper is supported by a durable steel frame, which gives an easily controls to open and close the hopper’s holes during spreading. Thus, the rod offers on and off control with precise settings from the operator’s seat, which adds to the feature of maneuverability.

Its tapered gears are enclosed in a box that gives uniform spreading and durability.

Moreover, the model is accommodated with two pneumatic tires, each of 13 inches x 4 inches. Its wide tires of large diameter provide a greater surface area that offers better stability and smooth transport even on rough grounds.

Furthermore, it comes with an option of hopper cover, which can keep the inner side of the hopper dry. Additionally, the manufacturer offers the option of buying material deflector, which makes the broadcasting of the seeds or fertilizers uniform and focussed. An optional hopper grate accessory enhances the flow of the material and thus, makes the performance of the spreader better.

It comes with a universal hitch that can effortlessly and promptly adapt to the tractors or mowers of any brand. As far as the physical dimension is concerned, the item has the measurements of 18.11 x 10.68 x 12.40 inches with a weight of 37 lbs. This model of fertilizer spreader from AgriFab requires a little assembling before it is put to use.

  • Comes with universal hitch
  • Sturdy and long-lasting product
  • Hopper’s opening can be controlled from the operator’s seat
  • The wide tires provide better balance
  • Maneuverable
  • Little challenging to assemble

Agri-Fab 45-0288

Agri-Fab 45-0288

Another sturdily built product from Agri-Fab with superior features. This model has a hopper of the holding capacity of 175 pounds. It can cover an area of 40,000 sq feet once filled, which is approximately 1 acre of land. Thus, you can save your time of refilling frequently.

Moreover, the hopper is made of poly material which is rustproof and solidly built and can be long-lasting. It is equipped with a spreader of the width of 42 inches whose openings can be precisely controlled with the attached rod. It gives you the convenience of operating the hopper’s on and off from your seat. Additionally, the premium galvanized steel agitator enhances the durability of the spreader.

This model of spreader provides more precise performance than most of its types because of its drop spreading.

The model has two pneumatic tires of dimension 13 inches x 4 inches, which are wide enough to move smoothly over any terrain. It weighs 43 pounds and can be attached to any mowers or tractors with the help of the universal hitch. It comes with a steel lift handle, which allows you to modify the height for better precision.

As far as the physical measurements are concerned, it has a length of 19.69 inches, with 12.6 inches of width and 11.02 inches of height.
The spreader requires assembling before it can be employed to work.

  • Drop spreader delivers a uniform spread
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be towed behind any tractor
  • Gives exceptional performance
  • Can be operated from the seat
  • The flow control arm is flimsy

Agri-Fab 45-0543

Agri-Fab 45-0543

The most distinct feature about this model of Agri-Fab is that it has eight galvanized steel spike disk attached below the hopper. The agitator is also made up of galvanized steel. In addition to broadcasting the material, the spreader also gives a thorough aerate to the soil. It helps the penetration of air, nutrients, and water to the deep layers, aiding the bacterial functions to adds more nitrate to the soil. But, the soil should not be aerated if it is wet as it can plug the soil off its place.

Its hopper has a capacity of 100 lbs and can serve up to 17,500 sq feet of land in one go that is approximately 1/3rd of an acre. The model is equipped with a wide spreader of length 32 inches, which can scatter the material precisely in your lawn.

The spreader is equipped with a poly hopper that makes the item durable and rigid. With two flat-free tires, each of width 10 inches, the spreader can run smoothly over any ground with ease.

It is equipped with a steel lift handle that offers an easy adjustment of the height for enhanced precision. Moreover, the user can conveniently operate the spreader’s control from his or her seat.

Like all other Agri-Fab models, this item also comes with a universal hitch that allows its attachments of mowers or tractor of any brands. Similarly, before putting into grounds, this model requires a little assembling.

The model has a dimension of 36 x 42 x 20 inches with a weight of 46 pounds.

  • Can also aerate the soil
  • Spreader works great
  • Have a durable poly hopper
  • Can be operated from the seat
  • Have wide spreader of 32 inches
  • Has flat-free tires
  • Difficult to assemble

Chapin International Chapin 8620B

Chapin International Chapin 8620B

This spreader model from Chapin has a hopper that can load material of 150 pounds. That means you can cover an approx area of 1/3rd of your lawn by filling the hopper once.

The most striking feature of this model is that you don’t have to reach back for the levers and controls of the spreader. The impeller automatically stops spilling off the fertilizers and seeds when the machine stops moving. And similarly, when the vehicle and the spreader are in motion, and the setting is above zero, the impeller starts spilling of the material. Moreover, it spreads the materials evenly on the ground.

The bronze bearing of the spreader can be oiled, which minimizes the friction on the axles and the gearbox. It is equipped with two wide pneumatic tires of 14 inches. The wide surface area of the wheels offers the effortless and balance movement on the rough grounds. It provides an accurate application with the easy-to-set gate adjustments, which have 11 incremental settings. This model has a pallet quantity of eight.

Chapin 8620B has a heavy-duty trailer hitch, which is ideally designed for pro applications. It weighs 40.7 pounds and has a physical dimension of 26 x 36 x 36 inches.

  • Well built product
  • Heavy-duty performer
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can run smoothly on uneven ground
  • Spilling starts and stops automatically with the motion of the spreader.
  • Works best with zero-turn mowers
  • Have a too heavy top which prone to trip
  • The gearbox needs constant lubrication
  • Need to shut the hopper manually while crossing non-lawn area

Agri-Fab 45-0530

Agri-Fab 45-0530

If you have a small lawn to take care of and want a quality product for that purpose, this model of Agri-Fab can be an ideal choice for you. The hopper of this model can load up to 85 lbs, which can be generously spread over a land of ¼ acres. The spreader width of the hopper is 10 feet, which can give a uniform spread of fertilizers, seeds, or salts to your lawn.

Like other models from Agri-Fab, this model’s hopper is also made up of poly material, which ensures rigidity and durability. A strong steel frame supports the upper structure.

Below the hopper, there is a spreader plate which scatters the material evenly to the farthest point. With an attached cable flow, the opening and the closing of the hoper’s window can be easily controlled. This feature makes the model different from the other spreader of the Agri-Fab.

The model is attached with two pneumatic tires of 10 inches, which can run effortlessly on any ground. Furthermore, the balancing gets easier with the lightweight of the model, which is just 18 lbs. And the physical dimension of this item is 33 x 22 x 25 inches.

Moreover, it has an enclosed gearbox which protects the gearwheel from rusting or other damage. Thus, this product can have a long life is maintained properly. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a warranty of 3 years.

Before you put the model to work, it needs some assembling to function.

  • Ideal for small lawns
  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable
  • Can be controlled by cable
  • Little challenging to put together
  • Product is cheaply made
  • Open and close cable doesn’t work properly

Buyer’s Guide

You can choose the best tow behind spreader for yourself if you are familiar with its best features. While making the purchasing decision, a lot of things needed to be considered so that you can get the best material within your budget. So, here we have a guide for you which will help you you make the best choice.

Hopper’s Capacity

By hopper capacity, we mean the quantity of the material the hopper can hold. It determines the area of your lawn you can cover by filing once. That means, the larger the land is, the higher must be the hopper’s size. The capacity can vary from 40 lbs to as high as 180 lbs and more. For a large lawn around 1 acre, a spreader of high capacity is required, which prevents the frequent filling of the hopper in the middle of the work. But if you have a small lawn of 10,000 sq feet, a large hopper will be pointless for you.

So, while choosing your tow behind spreader, always check the hopper’s quantity.

The material of the hopper

Generally, the hopper of the tow-behind spreaders is made up of polyethylene or steel. Both the material makes the spreader rigid and lasts long. The former one makes the spreader light-weighted and can resist rain and wind. But it can be fragile and easily broken if left out under the sunbeams for more extended periods.

While the latter makes the spreader heavier and are prone to get rusted and corroded. But it is useful when you want to add some corrosive fertilizers to your lawn. So, it requires better maintenance and care than a poly hopper.


Few models of spreaders need the manual opening and closing of the hopper’s window. That means when you want to start to stop the spreading, you need to turn around to adjust the lever. But few brands give you the convenience of operating the opening and closing from the user’s seat. Here in our list, we have Agri-Fab models, which give you this benefit.

Whereas the spreader from Chapin comes with the feature of auto stop and start with the motion.

So, you must make sure to choose a spreader with such function so that some of your works can be reduced.

Heavy tops

Few spreaders, especially the ones which have steel made hopper, get too heavy when fully loaded. This causes the spreader more prone to tripping while towed behind. Moreover, such spreaders can not be used on hills or inclined terrain.


Another factor that affects the stability and balance of the spreader is the size of the tire. Typically, the tow behind spreaders have tires of width 10 inches or more. The wide tires have larger surface areas that prevent the easy tripping of the spreader.

Presently, the never-flat tires are more popular as it doesn’t require time to time pumping. They are filled with foam and hence require less maintenance. From our list, Scotts Elite Spreader has no-flat tires.

On the other hand, some users prefer pneumatic tires as they are easier to maneuver and maintains the stability of the spreader even on the rough terrain.

Edge guard technology

This additional feature guards the openings of the wither side of the hoppers. It prevents the spilling of the material in your walking way or the other areas which don’t need them. In our list, the models from Scotts have this feature.


Most of the wheelers’ landscaping tools require assembling before they can be put to work. This is also true for the spreader. But there are few models which don’t require the hassle of assembling and can be directly put down in the ground for work.

The models from Scotts don’t require any assembling, while all the spreaders from Agri-Fab need little assembling before usage.

Adjustable flow

Some tow behind spreaders come with the convenience of adjustable flow, which can be regulated with the dial setting. Scotts manufactures such models whose rate of spreading can be adjusted depending upon the type of material you are loading in the hopper. Moreover, few have the facility of the adjustable swath, which is useful when you have flowerbeds and walkways all over your lawn. This feature makes the spreader useful for multiple purposes.

Hopper cover

This additional feature gives you the benefit of covering the material from the weather elements. Though not all the models have this feature, it can be beneficial while you are working in windy or rainy weather. It also prevents the material from jumping out of the hopper while it is moving through any rough terrain.

Models from the Agri-Fab gives you this optional feature.

Additional Feature – Aeration

Aeration helps penetration of the air, water, and nutrients to the deep layers of the soil. This improves the bacterial function, which in turn adds nitrogen to the soil. This makes the soil more fertile and helps in the growth of the plants.

Very few models have the extra spikes attached to the spreader, which aerate the soil while scattering the materials. In our list, we have Agri-Fab 45-0543, which comes with eight galvanized steel spike to make the soil aerify.

Maintainance and storage

The spreader needs proper maintenance and storing conditions for long-lasting life. After each application of the tool, make sure to clean out the materials neatly from the hopper. For cleaning purposes, you can wash it with water and soap wash.

The proper cleaning of the tool must be followed by dring . As steel parts of the spreader can get rusted from exposure to water and air, make sure to oil them generously after every wash.

For storage purposes, the spreader must be kept in dry and cool places until the next use. It protects the spreader from the weather elements and enhances their life durations.

Bottom line

A beautiful lawn means a lot of care. That includes spreading ice melts in winters, seeding, spreading fertilizers, and lots more. But all these jobs can be easily done when you have a perfect tool with you – a spreader.

Best Tow Behind Spreader can be useful to save the hassle and time from spreading the material manually. Moreover, they can be attached to any lawn tractor to get pulled by it while you drive the wheeler.

The hopper is the chamber where you add the materials which need to be spread. It contains holes that let the material out. With the two tires, it can easily move on any terrain. Moreover, few models come with the convenience of easy controls within your reach from the driver’s seat. That means you can do this challenging job with ease.

Thus, spreaders can be an excellent purchase when you want to enjoy a beautiful garden with fewer efforts.

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