Best Trimmer Line – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Buying a Trimmer Line can be confusing as you have to see many factors that can fit and work properly with your String Trimmer.

There are so many brands making good quality trimmer lines, and it is very tough to choose between them. Every brand has its advantages and downsides.

Want to Buy Trimmer Line but can’t decide which one? Don’t worry; I am here to tell you about what to look for when buying Trimmer Line and the Best Trimmer Line for every diameter?

There are so many different factors in choosing a great trimmer line. But their size is the most critical factor because every String Trimmer has its specific size of trimmer line. So we have categorized them according to their size for your convenience.

Now, let’s see the Top Trimmer Lines.

Best Trimmer Line – .065″

Anleolife Commercial Square Trimmer Line

Anleolife .065 - Best Trimmer Line

This is the Best Trimmer Line in .065″ size. It has Multi-Sided cutting edges that promise faster and cleaner cut. Its square shape helps you with getting sufficient Trimming.

You won’t have to worry about it’s fitting because It is a universal fit for most of the leading string trimmers brands like- Husqvarna, Ryobi, Echo, Stihl, Craftsman, Black and Decker, and Weed Eater.

It is very efficient and reliable for trimming small lawns or gardens.

It is made from Nylon 66 Co-Polymer that gives the Trimmer Line exceptional strength. There are also plasticized materials added for more resistance to damage.

You can soak it in the water for some time for extra power and strength.

If you have a smaller with that needs a neat Trimming, then you are looking at the best trimmer line for you because this trimmer line has the strength and durability to cut through small and thin to thicker weeds mess with the look of your Lawn.

It comes in a 1lbs spool with a bonus line cutting tool.

It is less costly. The cutting edges of the Square Line are going to help you trim your whole lawn in no time.

  • Mixed Materials Used For Extra Durability
  • Great for Smaller Lawns
  • Muti-Sided Cutting Edges
  • A little Hard to Spool and Auto Feed

Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

Arnold .065 Trimmer LineThis Trimmer Line comes with a 6-point star shape that gives this trimmer line more cutting power. The sharp edges of this trimmer line can cut the weeds in your lawn faster.

This Trimmer line is very cost-efficient. It is also less time consuming as the manufacturer promises that it can cut three times more than any economical Trimmer Lines.

It is made from a durable polymer material. So if you have a lawn where weeds are every week’s problem and need a trimmer that you can use regularly, this is the trimmer line for you.

This Line is very efficient, and it will save a lot of your time because you won’t need to refile your spool every two minutes of trimming.

This Trimmer Line is a universal fit for most Electric and Gas String Trimmers. It comes in blue color, which helps spot and cleans the shredded Trimmer Line in your Lawn.

So if you have a small lawn and are looking for a trimmer line that can cut weeds efficiently and faster and doesn’t cost much of your money, Arnold Maxi-Edge is the Best Trimmer Line for you.

  • The serrated shape Offers more Cutting Power.
  • Cleaner and Faster Cut
  • Great for Small to Medium Sized Lawns
  • Less Durable while Trimming around Sidewalks

Cyclone Commercial Trimmer Line CY065D1/2-12

Cyclone .065 Trimmer Line

This Trimmer Line is best for cutting grass and thin or thicker weeds. This comes with patented six-bladed shapes give extra cutting power to the edges. It helps you to give your Lawn a more smooth trimming.

It works well with both fixed and feeding spools.

It is made of nylon and Co-Polymer materials for extra strength and durability. It is straightforward to use as it can easily cut through the grass and weeds in your Lawn.

This is the Best Trimmer Line in .065″ for both residential and commercial use. It can also cut some of the thick weeds with less effort and time.

It can fit any string trimmer with a .065″ spool.

It comes in a blue color, which is coded by the diameter is very easy to spot. The high flexibility of this trimmer line keeps you in control of the trimming.

  • Great Strength and Flexibility
  • Patented six-bladed Shape
  • You Can Use It around Hard Surfaces
  • Damage Resistance
  • Less Durable while using it With More powered Trimmer

Best Trimmer Line – .080″

DeWALT DWO1DT802 Trimmer Line

DeWALT DWO1DT802 - Best .080 Trimmer Line

This Trimmer Line has an aerodynamic design. The aerodynamic design helps with better and faster trimming. You can use it in residential areas where the work-load is minimum. This is the Best Trimmer Line in the .080″ category.

It can be a suitable replacement for your electric String Trimmer with .080″ spools.

It is made from very flexible and impact-resistant materials, so it works great with thicker weeds and grass. It is more durable than its competitors. It can clear your Lawn without you having refiled the spool every minute.

You can use it around your wood fences and sidewalks; it won’t give you any problems. It can cut small as well as larger weeds and grass.

It works well with Electric Cordless String Trimmers so that you can trim more areas in one charge than other Trimmer Lines. If you use an electric cordless String Trimmer, This is the Best Trimmer Line for you.

If you got a DeWALT cordless String Trimmer also, then you won’t have to worry about the weeds ever. Because This Trimmer Line is a beast with its Brand’s String Trimmer.

This is the Best Trimmer Line for smaller lawns and light work.

  • Flexible and Impact Resistant Material
  • Best For Electric Cordless String Trimmer
  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Cutting Power
  • Gets Brittle By Heat
  • Doesn’t works well with some String Trimmers

Maxpower Premium Trimmer Line

Maxpower Best .080 Trimmer LineIt is a solid and flexible trimmer line because it is made from premium commercial grade copolymer resins. It is highly effective and reliable.

It is very comfortable working with this trimmer line as it gives more cutting power and less drag.

This twisted Line is tough to break, and it cuts with ease. You won’t have to worry about putting extra effort and time into trimming. Your whole Lawn will be trimmed within no time.

You can use it in both residential and commercial areas.

It doesn’t get affected by the heat, so if you live in extreme heat, this is the best trimmer line for you. It works well with both electric wells as gas string trimmers.

This Line is the best trimmer line in terms of durability. This Line can cut your whole Lawn without any refiling. Sharp and efficient cutting edges improve fuel efficiency by doing the Trimming faster and better in the first attempt.

Trust me when I say this, You won’t buy any other brand if you see this trimmer line’s performance.

  • Strong and Flexible
  • The twisted shape gives Extra Cutting Power.
  • Faster and efficient Trimming
  • Works Great for Smaller to Medium Lawns
  • Not for Heavy Use

Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

Arnold .080 Trimmer LineThis is the best trimmer line at a low cost. It has 6 point star shape with multiple edges that help in the easier and faster cutting. It works better for electric string trimmers, but you can use it with gas trimmers as well.

It creates less vibration, so it is easy to control the Trimming, so now you can encourage your kids to do some garden work. You can also use it for edging around the wood fences and sidewalks; it won’t wear as much as other trimmer lines.

It is effortless to use because you won’t be doing any extra work due to less clean-cut, as it can cut through thin or thick weeds very easily.

It is a universal fit for most of the straight and curved shaft string trimmers. It comes with a small and effective Line cutting tool that you can carry around to refill the spool.

If you have a small or medium-sized lawn and use a .080″ spool, this might be the best trimmer line for you.

  • Cutting Power
  • Fits Most of the Leading Brands
  • Great choice for Electric Trimmer
  • Does not holds well around Metal Fences

Best Trimmer Line – .095″

Husqvarna TitaniumForce 

Husqvarna .095 Trimmer LineMade with Dual co-polymer material offers better and long-lasting performance. It comes with cutting edge technology that delivers faster Trimming, level flight characteristics.

This Trimmer Line is mostly used for cutting the grass, but It can also Cut long weeds with no problems. It can do trimming and edging very easily and in less time. You can use This Trimmer Line with all the standard String Trimmers.

The Patented design of the Husqvarna Trimmer Line reduces 50% of the noise levels, which helps in getting a noise-free environment for trimming. This Trimmer Line is also suitable for commercial use.

It comes in silver color, which can help in cleaning the shredded pieces. It tends to hold pretty well against the hard surfaces around the Lawn as the dual-polymer can withstand the hard beatings.

Want to know a trick? Use it at medium and low RPM around hard surfaces to get the most efficient Trimming; it might snap at full speed. You will also get a line cutter tool with this trimmer line, so you won’t have to carry a knife or blade to Re-spool The String Trimmer.

If you are looking for a strong and durable Trimmer Line that can cut long grass then this is the best trimmer line for you.

  • Noise-level Reduction
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Compatible with All Standard String Trimmers
  • Less fuel Consumption
  • Breaks while using on High RPM around Hard Stuff

Oregon Magnum Gatorline

Oregon Magnum Gatorline - Best .95 Trimmer LineThis is our Choice for the Best Trimmer Line. It is a strong Trimmer Line with a flexible core and wear-resistant welding. It comes in a square shape that lets you cut with ease and in less time. Oregon’s magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line is one of the best trimmer lines in terms of durability.

It has welding that saves the inner core from wearing faster and gives the trimmer line more power and strength. So It can cut through your whole Lawn without spooling twice.

It is compatible with most of the string trimmers.

Don’t worry if you have a rocky driveway or thick vegetation because It is made with dual Polymer for heavy-duty and professional Trimming. You can use it around metal or wood fences and concrete sidewalks without any worries as it can take the beating of the hard surfaces.

You can use it to trim thicker and long weeds and grass. It has a noise reduction feature, which can be helpful in noise restricted areas.

All of the features makes this trimmer line the best trimmer line for you if you have a medium or large lawn and want a sharp, long-lasting trimmer line.

  • Welding Makes it Wear Less.
  • Strong and Flexible Composition
  • Noise Reduction
  • Great for both Smaller and Larger Lawns
  • Shredded Pieces Can Hit you while using around Metal Fence.
  • Not for Commercial Use

Maxpower Residential Trimmer Line

Maxpower .095 Weed Whip LineThis is the best trimmer line for professional Residential landscapers. This line is made from sturdy nylon that gives this trimmer line the ability to cut medium-sized grass and weeds with ease.

You can use it with most of the string trimmers that use a .095″ spool.

It holds pretty well against hard objects, but it is lightweight and doesn’t affect the string trimmer’s RPM, which helps get the job done faster.

Because of the round shape, you will be able to feed the Trimmer better, and it won’t jam like other shapes of Line. The round shape also helps with better flight characteristics to have a better impact and cutting power.

Maxpower Residential grade trimmer line provides premium quality cutting at an economical price.

It comes in a 3lbs spool, which will last years, considering you won’t need to Re-spool your Trimmer more often. Like other low-priced Trimmer lines, this won’t get brittle over time, so that you can store it in your home for a very long time.

If you want a trimmer line to use at your home that can cut medium-sized weeds and grass, then this is the best trimmer line for your residential lawn trimming. It can also be used in some commercial areas in some cases.

  • Sturdy Nylon provides more strength.
  • More quantity at low Price
  • Great for Residential Use
  • Not for trimming Thicker Weeds

Cyclone Commercial Trimmer Line

Cyclone's .095 Weed Eater LineThis Trimmer line is a tough line that promises faster and quality commercial grade cutting. The unique co-polymer formulation provides this Trimmer line superior toughness so that it can withstand small and medium-sized weeds.

It comes with a patented six-blade shape, which delivers more cutting power to the trimmer line.

This Line is soft, and softness helps with flexibility, but it doesn’t break as easily as other soft lines. It is very durable, so you don’t need to Re-spool your trimmer line often while trimming with this trimmer line.

This trimmer line is also great for edging; You can use it around sidewalks and wood fences. It is color-coded orange based on the diameter of the Trimmer Line that helps spot the shredded pieces.

If you need a trimmer line for trimming your lawn once a week or month, then this the best trimmer line for you. This is a quality product with added cutting power and durability.

  • 6 bladed shape Gives Extra Strength
  • Durable
  • Great for medium-duty work
  • Does Not works well on Overgrown Weeds

Anleolife Commercial Square

Anleolife .095 Trimmer LineThis Trimmer Line comes in a square shape with multi-sided cutting edges that give the advantage of cutting the tall and thick weeds. With this trimmer line, you don’t need to do the trimming twice to get a cleaner and better cutting.

This Trimmer Line is made from tough nylon 66 Co-Polymer and plasticized materials for better impact and strength.

The square shape provides more cutting power and durability against hard surfaces. So you can use it for edging around your sidewalks and fences.

It is an excellent replacement for most commonly used electric and gas String Trimmer brands like Husqvarna, Ryobi, Echo, and Stihl. Using this Trimmer Line, you can feel the extra cutting power that comes with multi-sided cutting edges.

It comes in a 5lbs spool, so you won’t need to get any more replacements for a very long time. You will also get a cutting tool for quick line cutting.

This Trimmer Line is easy to use with exceptional durability, impact, and cutting power. This might be the best trimmer line for you if you want a cost-efficient Trimmer Line that can cut the weeds in your lawn with less effort and time.

  • Composed with Strong Materials
  • Great Medium-Duty Trimming
  • Great amount Of Line
  • 3lbs costs more than 5lbs

Best Trimmer Line – .105″

Cyclone Commercial Trimmer Line

Cyclone Commercial Trimmer Line - Best .105 Trimmer LineThis .105″ Line is the Best Trimmer Line if you are looking for toughness. This Trimmer line is made from special commercial grade co-polymer nylon for better strength and durability.

The patented six blades shape of this Trimmer Line gives you the advantage of superior cutting quality and fast Trimming.

You can use this trimmer line for trimming both thin and thicker vegetation. This Line is a heavy-duty trimmer line; It can cut some of the most abundant weeds in Your Lawn with ease. You can also use it for edging around concrete sidewalk walks and metal and wood fences; it won’t break more often.

This Line is the best trimmer line in the .105″ category because of its durability and cutting power.

You should get this trimmer line if you have dense vegetation in your Lawn and want a trimmer line that can take them out without extra effort and time consumption.

You get a 3lbs spool, which will be more than enough for many years to come.

  • Great for Heavy-Duty Work
  • Excellent Cutting power
  • Durability
  • Good Quantity
  • Not For Commercial Use

Arnold Trimline Maxi-Edge

Anleolife .105 Weed Eater LineThis is the best trimmer line for cutting and trimming hard and grown weeds in your lawn. It has a 6 point star shape that can cut any type of vegetation in your lawn without any hustle.

Made with flexible and robust material, this Trimmer Line can hold against hard weeds.

This Trimmer is a universal fit for most of the leading gas String Trimmer’s Brands. The sharp cutting edges of this commercial-grade Trimmer Line can cut through Thicker weeds in less time.

You will be able to use it in residential as well as commercial areas.

It comes in a spool that contains 11 refills, and it is less costly, so you won’t be spending more money on buying new replacements. If you want a Trimmer Line that can fit easily in your budget and can cut thick weeds of your lawn, then this is the best trimmer line for you.

  • Good Cutting Power
  • Less Cost
  • Great for Light and Medium Lawn Trimming
  • Not Durable against Hard Surfaces

Maxpower Round Trimmer Line

Maxpower .105 Weed Wacker LineThis is a premium quality residential grade, Trimmer Line, that is very useful for trimming hard and thicker weeds in your lawn.

This Trimmer Line is made from sturdy nylon components that are not very strong compared to other high-quality lines, but it helps get a cleaner trimming.

It can clear your Lawn with fewer refills and effort.

The round shape is exceptionally aerodynamic so that you can cut the weeds faster. The round shape also helps with faster feeding and easy spooling. This Maxpower Trimmer Line comes in a 3lbs spool. This much quantity can last for a much longer time.

If you are tired of your old nylon line of not cutting correctly, then maybe it is time to replace it with a better product. This Trimmer Line can fit several .105″ string trimmer heads.

If you need a simple and efficient Trimmer Line at a reasonable price, this is the best trimmer line.

  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Good Impact and Cutting Power
  • Quantity
  • Wears More around Hard surfaces

Best Trimmer Line above .105″

LoNoiz Commercial Trimmer Line

LoNoiz Commercial Trimmer Line - Best .130 Trimmer LineThis is the Best Trimmer Line for commercial use. Made of reinforced nylon, it can cut thicker weeds easily. It comes in a twisted spiral shape, which helps with more extended durability. It is not as durable as the other thick Trimmer lines, but it can cut long weeds and grass without a problem.

You can use it in both Residential and Commercial areas.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small lawn. It can take care of both with ease as its quality is unmatchable. It can take out some of the thickest weeds of your Lawn.

The Spiral Twisted shape makes it easier to spool and feed the Line.

You can also store this heavy-duty Trimmer line for an extended period; it doesn’t get brittle over time. It means you don’t have to buy the replacements more frequently.

This product doesn’t produce a lot of noise while trimming, so you can have peaceful Trimming.

If you are a professional Landscaper and want to buy a Trimmer Line that can do the work with better quality then this is the best trimmer line for you.

  • Commercial Grade Quality
  • Excellent Cutting Power
  • Advanced Spiral Twisted Shape
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t Fit with all String Trimmers

Oregon Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line

Oregon .130 Trimmer LineOregon makes one of the toughest trimmer lines. This trimmer line comes in Twisted shape, which can cut thick grass and weeds.

This Trimmer comes with a flexible and robust core with tough and wear-resistant welding for better cutting and superior strength. It is made with dual-polymer, which gives good quality and long-lasting performance.

The twisted shape helps with getting a quiet trimming.

This Line is a heavy-duty trimmer line that you can use for professional and personal grass and weed Trimming. This Trimmer Line fits most of the .130″ string trimmers.

If you have thick weeds in your Lawn and wish to buy heavy-duty commercial grade trimmer line, which has tremendous durability, then this could be the best trimmer line for you.

  • Wear-Resistance
  • Cutting Power
  • Heavy-Duty Line
  • Less Durable around Hard Objects

Arnold Xtreme Professional Trimmer Line

Arnold .155 Trimmer LineIf you use a walk-behind String Trimmer, Then this is the best trimmer line for you. This trimmer line has multiple cutting edges for better and efficient cutting.

It can fit MTD, Swisher, Poulan, Ariens, Troy-Bilt, Craftsman, and some other walk-behind String Trimmers.

This trimmer line comes in a twisted shape that cuts better and lasts longer than other standard shapes. It can cut thin to thick weeds very easily.

It doesn’t get damaged while using it around concrete sidewalk walks and wood and metal fences. So You can use it for edging around hard objects without any worries.

The Package contains a cutting tool that can be extremely helpful as the Line is too thick.

If you need a thick Trimmer Line for your Walk-behind String trimmer, which can take out the thickest weeds in your Lawn, then this is the best trimmer line you.

  • Good Cutting Power
  • Great for Using with Walk-behind Trimmers
  • Less Durable

What to look for before buying a Trimmer Line?

The trimmer line’s effectiveness is based on a few different things, like the shape and size of your Trimmer line. It would be best to get all the things right to get the most out of your trimmer line. These are the things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for the best Trimmer Line.


There are different shapes of trimmer lines that serve a different purpose. It would help if you got the right shape according to your Lawn’s needs. These are different types of shapes in trimmer lines.

  • Round- This is the most commonly used shape. It is very aerodynamic and comfortable to put on a spool and auto-feed. The round shape lets you do the Trimming faster as it doesn’t get stuck on itself. But it has its downside; it is not very durable around thick weeds, concrete walls, and sidewalk walk.
  • Multi-Sided- It is used for cutting thick weeds. It can be a square or pentagon shape with multiple cutting edges to easily cut through hard and overgrown weeds. It is used in lawns that need medium trimming. It is mostly used in commercial areas.
  • Twisted- This type of Trimmer Line offers strength. It has sharp cutting edges and a robust design that helps in trimming thicker weeds. It gives you more durability around hard surfaces, like a sidewalk. It makes less vibration and noise, which makes it suitable for noise restricted areas.
  • Serrated- It has sharp edges that can cut or trim weeds in no time. Serrated Trimmer line’s edges are like teeth that give cleaner and faster cut. You may feel a pull sometimes while using this trimmer line, but that is not harmful if you can hold on to your String Trimmer. It can be used in medium to more extensive lawns.

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The diameter of the Trimmer line is a significant factor in choosing the best trimmer line for you. All of the String Trimmers are designed to work with a specific size of the trimmer line. So you need to understand which is a more useful size for your Lawn.

Here are the different diameters of the Trimmer Line and their use according to their size.

  • .065″ – .085″ Is for smaller lawns where small and thin grass and weeds are located.
  • .095″ – .105″ Is suitable for medium to large gardens. If you have thicker plants on your Lawn, then this is the right product for you.
  • .110″ and above are mostly used in commercial and industrial areas that have bigger lawns. It is a heavy-duty Trimmer line that can cut through hard and thicker weeds and grass.
Do you know? A String Trimmer is also known as a “weed eater“, “weed whacker“, “weed whip“, “line trimmer“, “brush cutter“, “whipper snipper[1] (in Australia, Canada, and South Africa) or “strimmer” (in the UK and Ireland)


Another thing that is important for choosing the best trimmer line is which material is used for making the Trimmer Line? Nylon, Plastic, and synthetic Polymer are mostly used materials for Trimmer Line.

Nylon offers great flexibility and strength, which makes it the most suitable for the job.

Plastic is also the right choice, but it doesn’t work well because it is less durable than other materials. Synthetic Polymer can be a good choice because it has extra strength.

Titanium is also used for making trimmer lines, but only some of the manufacturers use it. It is more durable and has more cutting power.

Please read our article to learn more about Trimmer Lines.

Over To You

This was our List for Trimmer Line for you. String Trimmer Line is an excellent tool for trimming the unwanted, overgrown Weeds and grass. If you want the Tool to be useful, you should get parts so it can work properly.

Choosing the Best Trimmer Line is important because bad ones can damage your String Trimmer and make your Lawn miserable by ripping the weeds and grass.

You can buy the best trimmer line according to your needs by choosing the right product from our List.

Let me know if this article helped you. Tell me in the comment section, which product did you buy and about your experience with it?

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