Why you need to start Gardening during Lockdown

COVID-19 is spreading all around the world. The only thing you need to do to stay safe is to stay at your home for a while.

With more and more states going on full Lockdown, everyone is kind of trapped in their homes. Humans are social species, and we like to go out and interact with other people. So now that you can’t go out, you must feel bored like everyone.

There are a lot of things you can do to entertain yourself during this Lockdown, and the one thing that will keep you busy and healthy at the same time is Gardening during the Lockdown.

Many pieces of research have shown in the past that Gardening improves people’s health. It is a good habit and almost a skill that you can master while you’re being bored at home.

So in this article, you will find how you can have a beautiful garden by doing some little things one day at a time. Also, you can learn how you can make yourself helpful around the house by keeping your garden clean and healthy.

Gardening During Corona Virus Lockdown

Because of the COVID-19, there are a lot of people following the social distancing. Most of the people are trying to improve their skills and be great at something that they love while staying at home.

Gardening is one of the most loved things that people like to do when they are at home. Maybe it’s time for you to get your tools and go out in your Lawn and plant some seeds that you always wanted to grow.

So there are a lot of things you can do for Gardening while corona won’t let you go out of the home. You can prepare your soil for the plants you want to grow in summer, you can plant some spring plants that grow faster, or you can finally do some maintenance on your gardening tools.

So Let’s see some easy options if you wish to invest your time in Gardening during the Lockdown.

Planting During Corona virus lockdownPlanting

You can go for some new plants that have never planted in your Garden, or you can make the arrangements for the plants that you’re going to plant later this year.

Whether it is the flower seed that your wife likes so much or you always wanted to grow your own vegetables, you can do it now.

With no choice other than staying at home, you have a perfect time and opportunity to grow a garden that will make your home a better place.

Now let’s see what do you have to do for planting something new in your Garden.

How to Prepare the Soil?

The first thing you need to do is clean your Garden, take out any old vegetation, make enough room for the plants that you want to grow.

It is essential that your Garden’s ground is ready for the plant so it can survive for a longer time.

Before planting something in your Garden, you need to prepare the soil, and it should be in the right conditions for the plant you want to grow.

You can till the soil if you want and if you have the right tools.

If you have the tools at your disposal, you can use a reck or any other suitable tool for tilling and mixing the soil. Some gardeners believe its a good thing because it brings the soil’s natural nutrients to the surface.

Some gardeners don’t like to till their soil as it can also encourage weeds to grow up by exposing them to the sunlight.

Nourishing the Soil

The soil on your Garden needs some nutrients to stay healthy. The primary source of nourishing the soil is adding compost to the ground. There is organic compost available that you can easily order to your home.

You can also use some of your stuff from your home as compost like vegetables or fruit scraps and mulch. The leaves on your lawn and clippings form the mowing can also be used as compost.

See online if the plant that you want for your Garden requires some nutrients, or you can extend its growth by adding some extra nourishment.

Some other things are also used for Gardening, but most of the gardeners won’t recommend these things like a weed eater, some chemicals to improve the soil quality.

Planting the Seeds

After making sure the soil is ready, you can plant the seeds that you wish to see grow in your Garden. This part is not that tricky, but you have to be careful if you want the plant to survive.

By careful, I mean- you have to plant the seeds deep enough so they can adequately grow their roots. If the root is firm, the plant will make your Garden more beautiful and useful if you grow flowers and vegetables.

You don’t have to make big holes, but make sure the seeds have the room for the roots to grow. Also, make sure they have decent space between them, so they don’t get in each other’s way of growing.

You have to take care of types of the seed I mean if the seed can grow directly into the soil or if you have to plant it in a controlled way like in a pot before planting it in soil.

You can soak the seeds for 48 hours; it improves the germination rate and encourages faster growth in seeds.Gardening During Corona Virus Lockdown

Taking Care of Plants

In this phase, you have to water the plants and make sure they get enough sunlight. You need to get rid of the weeds and unwanted debris around your desired plant.

Just give your plants enough water to grow healthy, don’t overwater them; it is not suitable for them.

You can add some mulch or create a fence around the plant, so the animals stay away from the plant. You can buy some pests to ensure the safety of your plant by securing them from any insects.

Adding a weed barrier might help with stopping the weeds for ever-growing.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is not just cleaning the lawn of unwanted weeds or trimming the overgrown shrubs; you need to take care of a few other things as well.

Mowing the Lawn to take care of the grass, trimming the shrubs, and planning a new landscape is also a part of lawn care.

If you want to invest your time in lawn care, you need proper tools and tools, also need maintenance from time to time. I think its time you change or sharpen the blades on your Mower, Hedge Trimmer, or change the weed barrier.

Let’s look at some things you can do for Lawn care while staying at home.

Grass on the Lawn

You can get to mowing your lawn by bringing out the Mower that had its long winter rest. If your Lawn is looking uneven or full of brown grass, you should mow your Lawn to and make it even.

You can also use a String Trimmer to clean the brown grass, or maybe the shrubs need some trimming; in that case, it is time to use the Hedge Trimmer.

Then you can plant some grass seed to encourage some new growth.

If you plan to get rid of all the old grass-roots on your lawn, this is the time for it. After winter, the grass on the lawn is mostly dead, so now would be a great time to try different types of grass.

You can see what type of grass will be better for the lawn and plant it right away.

Changing the Landscape

If you had grass on your whole lawn, you wanted more flower beds; you can reshape your lawn now. You can now plan your Landscape from the start and have all the plants on your lawn that you wanted.

Gardening during Corona Virus lockdown will give you think about what you want.

Now that you have the time to think while you’re working from home, you can see some nice options for your Garden. You can choose vegetables, flowers, herbs or some fruit might be the things you need in your Garden.

Changing the Landscape now is also great because the winter is almost at the end, and in some days, you have to plant something in your Garden to make it alive once again. Why not try something new this time?

Maintenance and Installation of Gardening Tools

Now that you are going to be using the necessary gardening tools, it’s time for some maintenance like adding oil and sharpening the blades on Mower or Hedge Trimmer.

You can also Install a Weed Barrier if you want, or you can replace the old one, so weeds don’t have a chance of growing on your Lawn.

Other than this, you can change the strings on the String Trimmer so you’ll be ready to trim when it’s time to take care of the overgrown grass.

If you are tired of watering the plants and grass on your lawn, now is the time to install a Sprinkler System. With an automatic sprinkler system installed on your lawn, you will never have to worry about watering your plants again.workshop during corona virus lockdown

What to Do if You don’t have any Tools?

Even though several specific tools are needed very much during every step of the way of Gardening but if you are doing gardening during COVID-19 Lockdown then you can do a lot without them.

The first thing you can do is take care of old plants in your Garden. Most of the plants that can grow in your Garden are seasonal or annual, but there are some evergreen plants like “cherry laurel” that stay with you till the end of time.

These plants need special care, and now that you have all the time in the world, you can finally make some advancements and or changes if you like.

Adding compost is also a thing you can do without any specific tool; preparing the soil and mixing the fertilizer to the earth is a way of doing it. You can also do it without any other formalities, and it still works like a charm.

Some seeds can also grow without doing any other formalities, so you can choose a plant that will be most suitable for the condition of your Garden.

Cleaning the weeds and making them compost is another thing you can do to invest in your Garden’s future. These things don’t require any tools but are considered to be helpful in Gardening.

To Sum Up

You don’t have to learn to play guitar to be useful and active during the Lockdown; Gardening during COVID-19 Lockdown is also an art that you can master that will be helpful in the foreseeable future.

This article will get you started, from there you can do anything you want with your Garden. You can have any plant that will be suitable for this weather.

Stay with us for more garden related posts and some useful, informative articles. Let us know if this article is helpful, and please share your thoughts with us so we can keep improving our content.


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