How to Replace Trimmer Line?

String Trimmer is such a great tool to keep the lawn or garden fresh and clean. It helps us with the maintenance of our lawn and in keeping the unwanted weeds and grass away.

Every tool needs the right maintenance to work correctly. String Trimmer also needs time to time cleaning, fuel change, and the trimmer line replacing.

In the string trimmer, it is crucial to replace the Line to keep the gardening going.

If you are wondering how to do it here, I am telling you everything you need to know step by step so you can get back to take care of your garden.

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How to Install Trimmer Line?

Choose The Right Line

First, you need to select the right Trimmer line for your string trimmer. Read your Trimmer’s user manual. Choosing the correct Line is crucial as it affects your string trimmer’s working capacity, durability, and power consumption. Find the Line based on your garden’s size and your need.

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Disassemble The String Trimmer

Then you need to disassemble the String Trimmer’s cutting head. Remove the cutting head from the Trimmer by unscrewing the bump knob and take out the inner Reel and spring.

If you are Replacing the Line, Pull out any of the old lines from the Reel. Make sure to clean the cutting head and the other parts of the tool.

Insert the Trimmer Line In inner Reel

We are going to cut two 10″ pieces of trimmer line; we can either cut them in a twin-strand split line or two 10″ each Line. Now, we’ll take one end of both lines and Put them in one of the holes on the inner Reel. We are going to push them all the way through until there are only two to three inches left.

Then we’ll take the other end of the Line to insert it into the other hole. By pulling the other end of the Line, we will close this loop, so the Line places tight in the Reel.

Wind the Trimmer Line

There will be an arrow on your inner Reel; you will find it easily.

Now we have to wrap the line around the inner Reel in the direction of the arrow is pointing. We have to make sure that winding is tight and even. So it won’t get loosen up when we feed the Line.

When there are only 6″ inches of the Line is left, push it into the holding slot.

Reinsert the Spring and Reel

We will Reinsert the spring the way it was before. Now you should find the eyelets on the cutting head.

While Pushing the spring into the head, insert the Lines into the eyelets. Now we will put the inner Reel also back in place and then align the holding slots with the eyelets.

Now, Push the inner Reel onto the spring and close the bump knob.

Pull the Line out

After closing the Cutting head, firmly pull strings out. If the lines are released from the holding slots, your Trimmer line is in place. You are all set to go.

Start the string trimmer to see if it is appropriately, and then you can go ahead and trim your lawn.

Things to keep in mind

  1. When you take out the string trimmer after a long time, always change the trimmer line before using it. It can get Brittle over time and will break while you work.
  2. Always choose the right size for the Line according to your String trimmer’s cutting head and type of grass and weeds in your lawn.
  3. You can get different types of Trimmer lines based on your workload and the size of your garden.

Wrapping Up

A String Trimmer is an essential tool in gardening, and like every tool, you need to take good care of it. Changing the Trimmer line will benefit you in with the durability of the string trimmer.

New Trimmer line will give you the speed and comfort you need while trimming your garden.

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