How to Use and Sharpen Hedge Trimmers?

The Hedge Trimmers are an important tool in trimming shrubs and hedges. You need to correctly use it in order to do effective trimming and get your hedges in shape.

The right care and maintenance also play an essential role in the life expectancy of hedge trimmers.

The blades on the hedge trimmers get dull after every use, and you need to sharpen them to get the most out of your hedge trimmers. There are several ways you can do it.

Don’t know how to use hedge trimmers and properly maintain them correctly? Read this article to know about the correct way of using and sharpening the hedge trimmers.

How to Correctly Use Hedge Trimmers?using hedge trimmers

Wear Protective Gear

You need to wear some protective gear for safe trimming. Use gloves, masks, ear protection, and protective glasses to ensure none of your body parts are exposed to the blades or the trimmings. Wear a helmet if you need to.

A safe trimming is more important than an effective one.

Hold The Hedge Trimmer Properly

First, hold both front and rear handles properly to have a secure grip. It makes trimming safer and more effective. Your fingers and the thumb should be on the opposite side of each other on the handle. This helps in keeping control during trimming.

Start The Hedge Trimmer

To start the Hedge Trimmer, You need to push and hold the switch lock first. Then push the handle switch and trigger switch simultaneously and slowly leave the switch lock to start the trimmer.

You need to keep pushing them, so the hedge trimmer keeps running.

Navigate Hedge Trimmer

Move your hedge trimmer around the hedges to trim them properly. You need to trim from only one side to another, or it won’t be effective and even. Start from the bottom and move to the top as you trim.

Keep a smooth and steady hand for better trimming.

You can choose which shape you want to give to the hedges and work your way according to the design. If the shrub is too thick to trim in one action, use a sawing motion to cut them correctly.

Collect the Trimmings

After trimming, you need to collect all the trimmings and dispose of them as you please.

Things to Consider when Using Hedge Trimmers

  1. Always wear protective gear.
  2. If you are using an electric hedge trimmer, make sure to keep the cord out of the trimming line.
  3. Lubricate the Trimmer before and after using it.
  4. Keep a steady stand. Don’t use any ladders unless it is necessary.
  5. Keep the blades away from you when you start and use the hedge trimmer.

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How to Sharpen Hedge Trimmers?

If the hedge trimmer is not giving even cuts, then the blades need sharpening. You should sharpen the blades in general after a few uses. It keeps the blads from taking unnecessary damage.

Unplug the Hedge Trimmer

Keep the Trimmer off when you are doing any kind of maintenance or sharpening. Unplug the cord if you have an electric hedge trimmer and take the fuel out if you have a gas-powered trimmer. Remove the batteries in the cordless hedge trimmers, so it doesn’t accidentally start while you are sharpening it.Removing the battery in hedge trimmers

Prepare the Blade

Clean the blades of any debris. Take out the nuts and the bolts of blades that keep the blades together and connected to the trimmer. Then clamp the blade in a steady place, so it doesn’t move while sharpening.

Sharpen the Blade Using a File

It is the easiest way to sharpen your hedge trimmer’s blades. It doesn’t require any professional knowledge. Using a file for sharpening blades keeps you more in control of how much you want to sharpen them.

If you have placed the blades in a steady place, then start to move the file on the existing angle so the blade stays effective. Don’t try to create any new angles, or it will ruin your blade.

You can find the specified angle on the instruction manual of your hedge trimmer.

Make sure to move the file downwards only. When you are pulling the file back up, keep it away from the blade because moving back and forth will make the blades duller.

The wear threshold for hedge trimmer blades is 5 mm, so don’t take out any more metal then it needs to be. This method takes time and hard work, but it is worth the sharpness that you will get afterward.

Use a sharpening stone to remove the burr.sharpening the hedge trimmer with file

Sharpen the Blade Using a Grinder

This method is fast and practical but also dangerous, so if you are not familiar with the grinder, then I don’t recommend doing it, you can use the File method. But if you want it done fast, then wear some protective gear before grinding, and if you have been using the grinder for other stuff, this should be easy for you.

Place the blades on table clamps for safety.

Now, start the grinder and slowly move around the edges of the blade. Move it on the existing edges only. Don’t put too much pressure on the blades; it can result in over-grinding.

Give small strokes and keep the grinder moving according to your blade’s shape, so it doesn’t ruin the shape of your blade. Do this with all sides and every edge of blades for an even sharpening.hedge trimmers blade sharpening with grinder

Sharpen the Blade using a Dremel

The Dremel sharpening kit is a very effective way of sharpening the blades. You can add several attachments to it to get even and perfect sharpness.

Using a Dremel is very much like using a grinder, so you have to wear all of the protective gear and make sure to clamp the blade correctly to ensure safety.

Now, prepare the Dremel and add the right attachments. Tight the screws and switch it on.

Move the Dremel softly on the edges of the blades. Give gentle and small strokes to ensure even sharpening. Do not put too much pressure on the blades and keep moving the Dremel.

Do this with every edge of the blade.

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How To properly Maintain The Hedge Trimmers

Taking good care and proper maintenance of the Hedge trimmer can extend its lifespan. It makes the hedge trimmer more effective and useful. Let’s see some points on how you can give proper maintenance to the hedge trimmer.

  1. In electric hedge trimmers pull the plug after every use.
  2. Lubricate the blades and clear any fuel on the hedge trimmer before storing it.
  3. Clean the hedge trimmer handle and the blades after every use.
  4. Clean the trimmer with a rag. If needed, use the right cleaners that are recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. Sharpen the Trimmer when it is needed.
  6. If you use a battery-powered hedge trimmer, replace the battery from time to time.

In The End

Using correctly your hedge trimmers only increases the effectiveness of the trimmer. Sharpening the blades at the right time keeps the trimming firm and even.

Use the hedge trimmer correct way to ensure the best trimming possible. You can use any of the methods above to sharpen the blades and keep up with making your garden more beautiful.

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