What is a Sprinkler? How does Lawn Sprinklers Work? It’s Types and Advantages

Who doesn’t want a fresh and beautiful lawn? Taking good care of the lawn makes sure that you have one.

You know the importance of watering your lawn, it keeps it alive and fresh as per your wishes. Giving your lawn water at the right time and in the right amount is essential.

A sprinkler can make it happen with ease and convenience.

Want to what a sprinkler system is, and how does it work before buying one? Don’t worry; I got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about lawn Sprinkler System, its Types and advantages. lawn sprinkler system

What is the Lawn sprinkler System?

The lawn sprinkler system is an Irrigation system where you use sprinklers to spray little drops of water to irrigate your lawn or garden. It is a comfortable way of watering your lawn.

It is widely used in agriculture and residential areas for water irrigation.

There are different types of sprinklers like Oscillating sprinklers, Drip sprinklers, and Underground sprinklers systems. The watering system can be permanent, or you can use it as per your needs

It allows you to provide even and efficient irrigation. It uses pressured water to spray little drops like rain. It saves water while giving you the satisfaction of watering your lawn correctly.

How Does It Work?

A Lawn Watering system needs a pump, pipes, valves, and a Sprinkler Head.

Water coming from the pumps goes through a pipe in which the water runs under pressure, and it is sprayed through a nozzle or a sprinkler head.

A permanent lawn watering system has pipes placed on the ground. Pressurized water runs through them, and it sprays in the air. You can add different types of sprinkler heads according to your needs.

In an underground sprinkler system, some valves are activated by a controller.

They have a rubber diaphragm and a stainless steel plunger. Valves use a solenoid to create a magnetic pressure upon activation that lifts the plunger, and air escapes from the diaphragm.

It gives an extra boost to the pressurized water lifts up the diaphragm, and water starts to run through pipes that have sprinkler heads in a pre-planned pattern on them. Residential areas mostly use polyethylene pipes for lower pressure.

The water is sprayed in the air through those sprinklers. When the water stops, they go back to their normal surface. It is a very effective Lawn Irrigation System.

Types Of Lawn Sprinkler System

Now there are many types of Lawn Sprinkler systems we can use in our lawn. There are some of the industrial and agriculture grade sprinklers. Here I am going to tell you about some of them.

Oscillating Sprinkler

It has a tube with several holes in it. The pressurized water allows it to move back and forth. This sprinkler can water your lawn efficiently, and your kids can have summertime fun with it.

Its tube usually consists of plastic or metal.

In this type of sprinkler, the size and shape of the lawn can affect even water irrigation. It is not suitable for the circular lawn as it is not going to be able to water up the corners. Low and high pressure can also have an impact on where the water is going more or less.

But It is an excellent way of watering a rectangular lawn as it can water up the corners along with the other area of your lawn, and you can adjust the range and the spray. It covers approximately 3500-4500 square feet of your lawn.oscillating-lawn-sprinkler-system

Impact Sprinkler

Impact or Impulse or Pulsating sprinkler has a fixed plate or metal on the head of the hose. When pressurized water hits the metal-head, it creates a click sound and more pressure for the spray.

You can cover a huge area with this sprinkler.

You can use it as a permanent or temporary sprinkler as per your needs. It is suitable for circular, rectangular, or irregular areas.

It makes a clicking noise and needs high Pressure to work properly, but you can set the pressure, Ground coverage, and the spray according to your needs, which is excellent for the irregular areas where you can not set a pattern for watering.

High pressure makes it hard for the wind to interfere.impact lawn sprinkler system

Underground Sprinkler

The underground sprinkler system is a great way of lawn irrigation. It allows you to set a permanent watering system that is comfortable for you and your lawn.

It comes out on activation does its work and goes back to its normal ground after work. It doesn’t interfere with lawn mowing, Grass trimming, or other gardening work.

The downside is that once it is placed into the ground, it can not be moved, and maintenance is not easy.

One of the benefits is that you can set the time and amount of water that you want to give to your lawn in a controller, and it will take care of it. Or you can do it manually.

Fixed Sprinkler

A fixed or stationary Lawn sprinkler system covers a small pre-planned area, which can be a circular or rectangular according to your lawn. You can fit different types of Sprinkler heads to it as per your needs.

It costs less, and it is straightforward to use. Fixing only in one place makes it hard to break, and it works perfectly even in low pressure.

It can not caver a big lawn, and once fixed, it only sprays in one pattern. You have to monitor it get even and proper watering.

It is good for you if you have a small lawn that doesn’t need a lot of watering, and if you don’t want to pay extra for a watering system. It will get the job done with less effort and expense.

Rotating Sprinkler

It is much like the fixed lawn sprinkler system, but it rotates to spray water around your lawn.

It has arms and a spinning head that rotates in a circular pattern and gives enough and even water to every corner of your lawn. It can be adjusted according to your lawn’s shape and size.

They are useful in smaller lawns. There are several patterns available for different shapes of lawns. It also works better in lower pressure.rotating lawn sprinkler system

Traveling Sprinkler

This sprinkler moves on a fixed path and covers a massive area. The pressure of the water pushes the sprinkler, and it sprays through his route.

It is a perfect choice for big open lawns where other sprinklers can not cover the whole area.

It needs high pressure to move, and it is not efficient for smaller areas. It can sometimes get stuck in large grass or other debris, so you have to monitor.

Because of the moving feature, It saves you lawn from over-watering, and you can water up a massive area with this sprinkler.

Advantages of Lawn Sprinkler System

A good Lawn watering system ensures that it gives water to each and every section of your lawn.

An automatic sprinkler system can bring you comfort and satisfaction in Lawn watering. The automatic sprinklers only give enough water for enough time that doesn’t let your lawn over-watered.

It is important to take care of your lawn, and Sprinklers can be a helpful tool in doing that.

Sprinkler’s best benefit is Even watering. It can your water-up your whole lawn even. It doesn’t matter if your lawn is big or small; it can get water everywhere.

Other watering systems can not do it properly.

Your Lawn’s shape doesn’t affect its ability to even watering. There are so many types of sprinklers you can use and get the results that your lawn needs.

It is a convenient way of watering that saves your time and effort.

It gives water to your lawn in sprays that provide the necessary water to your yard and saves a lot of water in the process. The spray system protects your garden from the soil termination.

All things Considered

If you have a small lawn, A sprinkler system is a great tool for you, and if you have a big lawn or garden, It is necessary to have a system that can water-up your whole lawn.

It has so many benefits, and it is not going to cost you much of your time or money.

So relax, have it in your home, and let it take care of your lawn.

Let me know if this article helped you.


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