What is a String Trimmer? It’s Types and How does it work?

Everyone wants a lovely garden or a clean lawn, But evergrowing grass and unwanted weeds always make sure that our garden doesn’t look as perfect as it is.

And that’s where a String Trimmer comes in. It helps you with getting rid of the unwanted grass and weeds.

Are you wondering about how does it work?

Here Let Me tell you about The String Trimmer and some things that you must know about it either; if you are going to buy one or already have one, it is going to help you.

What is a String Trimmer?

A String Trimmer or a Line Trimmer is a garden tool that helps with the cleaning or Trimming of small grass and weeds. It uses a monofilament line to cut grass and weeds.

It either comes with a fuel engine, or it can be battery-powered.

A line trimmer is an effective tool for grass and weed riddance. It can clear the places that a lawnmower can not reach. It is practical, easy to use, and less time-consuming.what is a string trimmer

How Does It Work?

The String Trimmer has a long shaft that controls power, direction, and line feeding. You can get an Automatic line feeding or Bump Feed string trimmer.

The shaft is connected to a spinning head that uses a flexible line or string for cutting. The line uses Centrifugal force to cut through grass and weeds.

The line gives the benefit over blades that often need sharpening.

Mostly the line is made of reinforced composite nylon. Some manufacturers mix aluminum or some other materials for durability and cutting speed.

Types of String Trimmer

We are going to learn about different types of line trimmers based on their Engine, Shaft, and Head. First, I am going to tell you about the types of Line Trimmers based on their engine.

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Electric Line Trimmer

When you have a small lawn or garden where you don’t need extra reach in your Trimmer, these are the best for you. It gives the advantage of longer work time and saves the cost of fuelling.

It is perfect for a small lawn. It gives you the power that you need to take out the thicker weeds.

You should use it with caution. Don’t use it on wet grass.

Gas Powered Line Trimmer

Gas-powered Trimmers are more powerful than the electric Line trimmers. It mostly used in Big areas where Trimming needs a longer time. It gives more power to the lines so it can cut through some thicker grass and weeds.

This line trimmer is heavy, and it creates vibration, so it makes you more tired while working. It also makes loud noises, but its power surpasses all the wrong things.

Gas-powered Trimmers have two types of engines.

  1. Two-cycle Engine– This means it creates power after every two cycles, and that is why It is more powerful than the four-cycle engine. It uses a gasoline and oil mix fuel in a 40:1 ratio. It only has one tank, and it also uses the fuel as a lubricant.
  2. Four-cycle Engine- It creates power after every two cycles. It only needs gasoline as fuel and has a separate tank for its oil. It runs more efficiently and quietly than the two-cycle engine.

Battery-powered Line Trimmers

This type of line trimmers is most comfortable for use. They are lightweight than previous explained Line Trimmers, and it is easy to use as it doesn’t need any additional power source.

It is easy to carry it around, but its power doesn’t last long. It is suitable for the place where Trimming needs less time.

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Straight Shaft Line Trimmers

A straight and extended handle gives tall people the benefit of standing tall while doing gardening work. It gives you the reach that you sometimes need to get those hidden weeds around the fence.

With Straight shaft, you can have the power to attach something extra like metal blades instead of just lines to get some tough work done.

It can be uncomfortable for short people as they will have less balance with the extended shaft. You may get tired more because of the weight of this shaft.

The straight Shaft Trimmers are heavier than the curved that is why they vibrate less. Less vibrating makes them extra durable.string trimmer

Curved Shaft Line Trimmers

These shafts are well balanced so that you can use them for a long time. You can use them with comfort. It needs less power and gives better Trimming for a small lawn where work is not substantial.

It is lightweight, which makes it more comfortable to use for longer work.

But it is not capable of attaching other accessories. So you can only use it as it is. Sometimes it may give you a hard time reaching some places like under the porch.

It costs less than the straight one. If you are looking for more with less effort, then this is it.

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Automatic Feed String Trimmer

As the name suggests in this type of Trimmer, when the Trimmer Line is shortened, it automatically releases lines, so the Trimming runs uninterrupted.

It only gives the lines when it gets to a point where it can not cut properly and offers the advantage of less wastage of trimmer lines.

It costs a little more but gives you the satisfaction that you need from it.

When replacing the spool, you have to replace the whole reel, and it is more complex to maintain, but getting the lines when it is needed is an excellent advantage, and it surely helps with doing gardening with ease.

Bump Feed String Trimmer

In this Trimmer, when the Trimmer Line is getting short, you tap or bump the head of the Trimmer into the ground to get more lines out. It makes you more in control of the Trimmer.

You can have the lines as much as you want, and it helps when you need more extensive lines, you can tap or bump the head.

Sometimes we don’t know how much trimmer line we need, and it gets wasted, and the bumping sometimes Leeds to unwanted damage. It is easy to maintain and less costly than an automatic feed trimmer.

You can read this article if you don’t know how to change a Trimmer Line.

In the End

If you have a garden or a lawn, a string trimmer is a must-have tool for you. It makes your garden look fresh and pleasant.

Knowing these things about String trimmer can help you with better selection if you are looking to buy one and in better maintenance if you already have one.

Let me know if this article helped you.

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