What is Trimmer Line? 4 Types of Trimmer Line

If You have a garden or lawn, you know the frustration of grown and undecorated grass. It sucks! But if you have a line trimmer or string trimmer, you don’t have to worry about that.

A String Trimmer has a line that uses Centrifugal Force to clean the small grass and weeds in your garden.

Now there is not enough knowledge about the Trimmer Line out there, so here I am telling you everything you need to know about it.

What is Trimmer Line?

Trimmer line is used in string trimmers to cut weeds and small grass in your garden. They are usually made of nylon(sometimes coated with other materials) and hand wounded on the line trimmer before trimming the yard.

The type and size of the Trimmer line play an important role in the performance and durability of your Line.

There are many types of trimmer lines that you can use to keep your garden look fresh and pleasant. What type and size you should use is typically based on your string trimmer’s mechanics and Its head.

It is essential to choose the right one according to your garden and grass size.

what is Trimmer line

Different Types of Trimmer Line Shapes

Trimmer Lines have different shapes or styles or patterns that have their advantages and disadvantages. You need to know about your Machine and your garden to choose the right one for you.

Right Trimmer line can improve your String Trimmer’s efficiency, and you can do your work in less time.

Different styles of Trimmer Line give you Different benefits. Here you can see all types according to your needs. If you want to know How to Change Trimmer Line, read our article on the topic.

Round Trimmer Line

It is the most commonly used trimmer line in the market. It is mostly used in smaller residential home areas for regular and lighter work where you don’t have to give extra time in your garden.

Because of its round shape, it is the most durable and reliable.

Round Trimmer line is most suitable for the lawn with small grass and minimum weeds. It is easily and cheaply available in the market, and using it is also easy and efficient.

It is stronger than the other string lines, which give you the benefit of using it for a long time without replacing.

Round Trimmer line cuts the edges of the grass typically very quickly, but because of its round shape and no cutting edges, it rips the grass.

Twisted Trimmer Line

Twisted or Spiral Lines are used where strength is needed. It has more and strong cutting edges. That’s why thick grass and weed can not withstand the Twisted Trimmer line.

It gives you durability against hard and metal surfaces.

It reduces the vibrations in your string trimmer, which makes it easy to use. Less Vibration and firm cutting edges create less noise. In commercial areas where loud noises are problem Twisted Line is the most suitable tool for your lawn.

Multi-Sided Trimmer Line

This Line is for commercial and professional use. When you have a more extensive lawn, and thicker weeds should use this type of trimmer line.

It has many cutting edges on it. Multi-sided Line comes in square, pentagon, and many other patterns.

Multi-Sided lines are usually cost some extra, but it gives you the full benefit of your cost as it is more strong than the other rimmer Lines when it comes to thick weeds.

It takes less time to trim grass and gives excellent results.

Serrated Trimmer Line

This cuts like a knife. It has sharp cutting edges that give you clean and quick grass Trim.

It also has commercial use and can be used at home too. Its shape gives you the advantage to trim grass in a longer lawn in less time. It may not be useful around a hard surface.

Because of the shape of this Line, you may feel a pull towards the grass sometimes, but you should not worry about that.

Different sizes of Trimmer Line

The size of the Line plays a vital role in Trimming your lawn. It determines the speed, efficiency, and durability of the Trimmer Line.

In battery-powered String Trimmers, it also affects the power consumption of the tool.

You should pick a trimmer line according to your string trimmer’s handling capacity and the diameter of your string trimmer’s head. You need to know your garden or lawn before you decide to buy a Trimmer line.

Here are the different sizes for your trimmer line according to the Use of String Trimmer

  • 0.065-0.085 inches For Light work like house front and back lawn only. When you have a lawn with small grass and thin weeds, you should use this size of trimmer line as it is the most suitable for the only that work.
  • 0.085-0.110 inches For heavy work like medium-sized lawns and commercial use and for medium and small lawns where weeds are thick, and you want trimmer line to be more active and reliable.
  •  o.110+ inches For strong grass and thick weeds. Mostly used in bigger lawns and gardens where grass trimming takes a long time. It has commercial and industrial use.

In The End

The Trimmer Line is an essential tool in gardening, and your knowledge about it can be beneficial. You can get the most out of your String trimmer and have a beautiful lawn.

If you looking to buy a Trimmer Line, check out Best Trimmer Lines.

You saw for yourself that how important it is to see if the Line is compatible with your String Trimmer to use it properly.

Let me Know If the article was helpful.

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