4 Types of Sprinkler Head and How to Replace It?

Watering your lawn makes it fresh and keeps it beautiful.

A Lawn Sprinkler is the best way to do it as it takes much less effort and gives excellent results. It is one of the Best Irrigation System. There are automatic Sprinkler systems are available in which you don’t have to do anything.

The sprinkler head is the top part of your sprinkler that determines the spray and distance of your sprinkler. It is an important part that carries out the most critical work of the sprinkler system, which is watering the whole lawn even and properly.

Want to know about them here, let me help you with this article where you can learn about their types and maintenance.sprinkler head

Types Of Sprinkler Head

Fixed Or Shrub Sprinkler Head

This type of sprinkler heads only sprays from one hole located in the center of the head only in one direction. It can be a full circle or half circle. It sprays with pressure so it can cover the distance your lawn needs.

You can adjust the coverage of this head by fixing it at the right place according to your lawn’s shape.

The spray pattern is fixed in this head, so If you want to correctly water-up lawn, you have to fix it at a place where it can spray the whole lawn.

Some of the Fixed Sprinkler heads come only in one pattern that you can not adjust.

It is more useful for a smaller lawn. It doesn’t cost much. So if you want to buy a Cost-Efficient Sprinkler head that can water-up your whole lawn with less effort, this is it.

Rotating Sprinkler Head

This Sprinkler head rotates a single stream of water in a circle. This head is quite distance covering. It is suitable for both small and larger lawns.

It is also effective in large rectangular lawns if you place it in the right place.

The shape of your lawn sometimes affects the coverage of this head. You can adjust the covering distance and power by adjusting the water pressure. It needs more pressure to operate correctly.

It comes in mostly in two different patterns so you can choose the right one for your lawn.

  1. Impact Rotating Head- In this Sprinkler head, the rotation depends on the pressure of the water. When the pressurized water escapes from Head, it makes sounds. Impact sprinkler heads are made with bronze, brass, or stainless steel, and that is why it is very durable.
  2. Gear-Driven Rotating Head- This type of head comes with gears that cause them to rotate. It runs quiet and smooth. They usually come in adjustable patterns. It costs less than the Impact Rotating Heads.

Rotary Nozzles or Multi-Stream Head

They are like Rotating heads, but it can spray multiple streams of water rotating. They are called Rotary Nozzles because of their small nozzle-like size.

It can cover a massive area. With this type of nozzle, you can find different spray patterns.

They create less mist, so they control the waste of water. They cost less than the other sprinkler heads and can fit in many sprinkler systems. You can use it in smaller lawns or more extensive lawns; It works perfectly in both.

Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

This head stays in the ground until it is activated. Once active, it comes above the ground and sprays water; you can choose the different patterns of spray.

It gives you the advantage of even watering, and it doesn’t affect other gardening work that you have to do to keep your lawn clean.

You can use it if your kids or your pet likes to play in your lawn, and you don’t want them to get injured by a sprinkler head. It works perfectly in all types of lawns.

Replacing The Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler heads take the heat and moist. Over time, they become weak, so they break or can’t work properly.

If your sprinkler is broken or it stopped working, you need to replace it with a new one immediately, so your Lawn keeps getting water and stays fresh.

Here you can see how you can replace it step by step

Choosing A New Sprinkler Head

You can check the modal number of your sprinkler head and get it from the manufacturer’s website.

If you want to get another brand’s head, then You have to choose the right sprinkler head that is the same type and size as the old one. You have to see if your sprinkler’s head is rotating, fixed, or pop-up.

The spray pattern does not have to be the same.

You need to find a sprinkler head that gives the same amount of water over time as the old one. Your new sprinkler head should be compatible with your sprinkler system.

If you found the right one let’s get to the next step.

Taking out the Old Sprinkler head

You have to dig a hole where you placed the sprinkler head. Be careful while digging; Don’t dig too hard or too fast, or you might cause damage to the pipeline. Now you have to unscrew the head and take it out.

Watch for the dirt; don’t let it can get into the pipe.

Take out your old head carefully without doing any damage to the sprinkler system. It is vital to keep the whole sprinkler system intact while replacing the sprinkler head.

If you have any more broken or about to be broken parts such as pipes or risers, you should replace them too, but if they are not broken and can keep working fine for some time, then don’t waste any more money and reuse them.

If you want; You can turn on the sprinkler system to flush out the dirt in pipes. Use a flushing pipe, so water doesn’t get into the hole.

Placing The New Sprinkler Head

If you are using new risers, then you have to adjust the new one as per your needs.

If you are using the old parts of the sprinkler system, you have to attach the new sprinkler head to the sprinkler system connectors. Adjust the height of the head if you need to.

Make sure to connect the head tight and adequately to the sprinkler system. Use plumber’s tape or glue to be sure. Now carefully fill up the hole, so the head doesn’t move from its place over time.

Things To Do For Longer Life Expectancy of Sprinkler Heads

  1. Know your lawn and sprinkler system and get a sprinkler head that is going to work correctly with it. The water pressure, the distance coverage, all the things that you need from your sprinkler system, you will only get them if you get the right sprinkler head for them. You cant get the results you want with different sprinkler heads.
  2. Use underground sprinkler systems to avoid damage from the lawnmower.
  3. Make sure that there are no large trees anywhere near it. Sometimes tree leaves cause damages.
  4. Install it at a place where no foot traffic happens.
  5. Check for clogs if you notice any, clean it immediately to avoid further damage.
  6. Check for any leakage around the sprinkler head as it can damage the structure of the head and fix it if you see any leakage.
  7. If your Pop-up sprinkler heads are not going up, check for any leakage; it can cause the water pressure to get low. If the pressure is not high enough, the head won’t go up. Fix the leakage for the solution.
  8. If it is not going down, look for any blockage like stones or grass clear them up. If it doesn’t work after that, use a spray lubricant to ease up the process.

To Conclude

You know the all types now choose the right sprinkler head that works great with your lawn.

If you think, a sprinkler head is a small but effective tool that helps you with watering your lawn. So you have to give maintenance from time to time, and it will work just fine.

Let me know if this article helped you learn something.


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